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Will anything else brake too?
Will the engine still turn over?
once a week i add 1 cup of coolant and light goes off a friend and ex mechanic said it sounds the water pump one week ididnt have to add any
Other times works fine.
All electrical works but the car does nothing even click when trying to start sometimes other times works fine.
White smoke. Happened as I was removing the key from ignition. Check engine light had been on and now is off. Also the door chime was ringing although everything in the car had been turned off.
I'm thinking the gas is draining back to the tank and it's taking time to build pressure again. A friend suggested possibly a fuel return module. Does this car have one? Is there an inline filter that would act as a check valve?
Occasionally will go into reverse when cold.
No reverse
i had a clunking noise in my tranny when i was reversing or hitting first and second gear,so hooked it up to computer and it read that ihad two cylinodes bad so replaced them now i have lost reverse, and dont know what else it is had it apart again and still nothing please help
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