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I need to have the odometer fixed for inspection.

The car shifts hard sometime sometime smooth. I also here like a bang or clunk and it jerks the vehicle I got a code po734 saying it was the solenoid shift

will the need of a coolant flush make the two coolant lights to flash

car has to be push started but once the engine is run for a while i am able to turn the car back on with just the key. what would cause this?

This car ran fine before it was ran out of gas, it will start but it sounds like it is miss firing and will die out even if the gas pedal is held to the floor. I have replaced the fuel filter but am unsure where to look next. Any advice would be appreciated.

I have a problem with my idle speed, when you first start it, i will idle to 1300rpm, then quickly drop to 1100rpm within just a few seconds, not long after it will drop to 1000rpm....

Here is where the issue comes in.... it takes about 15-20 minutes for the rpm to drop to 850ish. once is there is still doesnt seem to want to drop back to 850, it will stop at 1000rpm before droping back to 850ish.

Not sure whats causing the problem. I recently rebuilt the engine, which means it has a brand new intake gasket, and TPS, filter, and hoses.

Let me say that the idle is smooth and there is no misfire. So since its smooth and there isnt any misfiring, im tempted to say its a sensor but not sure, the only sensor i can think would be the oxygen sensor not reading right.

Thanks for any input

there is a problem with going into reverse it takes a while for it to engage and some times stutters

Changed out fuel filter, Oxygen sensor, Crankshaft position sensor, to no avail, gas milage is still below normal. What next? Also deaccelerates when climbing hills. And acts like it has no power.

A couple of weeks ago it started becoming hard to shift gears, it seemed like it would do better the warmer the weather. I live in Colorado so right now it is very cold. Last night and this morning it was really hard to shift while driving, 2nd was almost impossible. Got home and went back out, started it and now it won't go into any gear. When I turn it off it slips right into gear.

car didnt pass inspection cause power port would read

The car stalls at idle and heavy breaking.

usually when the engine is warm.

my car won't start unless it is push started (manual transmission) I was told that it is not the starter. at one time i had to replace the valve cover gasket because oil was leaking in. don't know if its related or how to start the car without push starting it

just replaced intake manifold gasket light came on before this repair

when i crank my car it smokes white smoke.

where is the refill orifice on the transaxle of 2001 Saturn SC1 with front wheel drive, and 5 speed manuel transmission?

I had the "Service Engine Soon" light come on and took it to Autozone for a diagnostic check. The active code is P0410, secondary air injection system fault. In the Hanes manual I have on the car there is no P0410 code. Has anyone had a problem like this?

i can not open my gas cover.. inside relise is not working. any ideas.

replaced timimg chain now car wont start it back fires


My saturn jolts when it goes into gear as you drive with the transmission. My trans guy said because teh battery was disconnected could effect that. He said if I keep driving it up hills and stuff it will slip back into gear and re adjust itself. Is that true

my car does ok when in park but when i put it in drive, it bogs down and rattles like it is going to cut off, and sometimes it does cut off. I have tried a few things already but nothing is working. can anybody give me any ideas other than "take it to a shop"?

Does anyone know if the 1999 Sc-1's are susceptible to the cracked cylinder head problem that arose in previous years, and addressed in service bulletin TSB 96-t-65B? I know the bulletin says 1991-1997, but I occassionally read reviews with people complaining of the same problem in a 1999 model.

i have a 95'saturn that dies while im driving sometimes and someone said to check the fuel pressure and the fuel regulator but im not sure where to look or how to check it. any ideas?

I tried to restart it and nothing. no lights on, no sound, not a dern thing.

sometime while driving my car tries to die but it is a manual trans. so i can easily restart it while driving. but sometimes when comming to a stop when i press on the clutch the car idle starts to flutter and dies unless i rev up the engine. if it does die or i pull over and turn it off when it acts up it will drive fine. i was wondering what i can do to fix the problem. it is a '95 saturan sc 1.9 ltr.

I have a 2002 Saturn SC1 my drl wouldn't turn off even after the car was shut off, i removed the relay from the fusebox but they still stayed on. i would like to know what else i could try. Thsnks

how much 134a freon does the system require


ok my wipers wont work at all, unless the wiper lever is in the fast wiping postion, my left turn signal is very difficult to to on. i have checked everything i could to make sure everything was plugged in right in the steering column.