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Changed the throttle body and still car wont start.
First time it has happened in a while but blown several in a row now
when driving on bumpy road all warning pop on and gauges go to zero readings. checked all fuses in the main fuse box which are okay andthen press box down and all warning lights go out and gauges are working until I drive on a bumpy highway again
My mechanic told me I need an ECM.Is the (OBD 11)and (ECM) the same computer? If so where would it be located? Is it difficult to remove?
After the car is restarted it will run ruff and stall again.Then becomes a hard start
I have replaced so many sensors than I can count. Even the fuel. Since I purchased the new (used) engine I thought surely the issue woudn't continue but it has. Not driving the car now. scared too. continues to stop in the middle of traffic. Dealers (Saturn no longer in my area) wants to replace what they did years before. So, any suggestions. I have had several mechanics look at the car, they have no idea what the problem is
I have taken off the throttle body but cant seem to find anywhere
2.2 saturn L200 need to know min. clutch plate thickness
changing out daughters engine running low on funds seems to be sufficiant material left on plate would like to know min. spec.
i need the specs for the timing. my tensioner pulley in my timing gave out and im replacing it today.
Need information about cost and difficulty of replacing the front seal on a 2000 Saturn LS2?
I had my radiator replaced on 2000LS2. The tech told me there were 11 hoses that needed to replaced. That doesn,t seem right. I can't find any parts house that has more than 4 hoses listed
Car will turn over, battery is good but will not start
My audio system won't play. Fuses are all good, I have power to the unit, however no sound
my car cranks great in the mornings, but I have noticed that after I have used it for awhile if I turn it off it seems to take around 30 minutes to restart. It makes a humming noise as well going down the road. Could it be my fuel pump or maybe some kind of sensor going out? My service engine soon comes on then goes back off constantly! I had my battery tested .... it's fine. The engine tries to turn over, but just seems to not be getting the connection after it's been in use for awhile! HELP!
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