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Now gas pedal is starting to stick
oil filter housing spins and not known if safe removal and replacement. currently same oil filter on with silcon seal in attempt to maintain seal - loosing engine pressure on hills and during acceleration. Ive had computer issues with this vehicle and light has been on for 2 yrs - tho drives well (minus the lack of acceleration on hills)

what is cause and cost to remedy Oil Leak at engine block and oil filter
Had a plug in computer check and it reads data but no codes. Think it is a short in wires or loose conection to body control computer, HELP PLEASE.
Hooked to test computer and get computer data but no codes show.
Car runs great preforms well just the gauge cluster problem. What is the solution. We think a short or plug not in all the way or Body control computer???
The engine is not hot according to the temperature guage. Why does it keep running 24/7 if I let it.
I had someone plow into my front end while it was parked. It was fixed and seemed to be running fine. All of a sudden went to start the car one day and it just would not connect. left it over night, next morning started fine. and then the check engine light was on. over the next few days the car would start sometimes and not other times. the ck engine light would come on and go off. I took it to O'Reily auto part to check why the ck engine light is on and he said the computer said it was the transmission speed sensor. Does that sound right and how costly is that to fix?
if its not the fuel line, then where else would fuel be leaking from top of tank, when the car is running that is the only time fuel leaks out
105K miles. recent purchase. since 1st month, mpg drop 3-5. always starts, sometimes no acceleration for awhile ( 5 mins), then OK. Check engine light on intermittently. Smells like gas when stopped and turned off. Any ideas welcome.
Changed radiator installed everything back how it was. Started the car everything ran good but the fans didnt kick on. I checked fuses and plugs. what else can i do.
how do I c test the coils?
I know this is an expensive repair, right now I don't have the funds. I was quoted $2000-$2500. In your opinion is it worth having the repair? It has 72,000 mi., good condition. I'm trying to avoid having a car payment. Any advice is welcomed.
the gas cap was checked did not help.
just happened today for the first time. 3 hrs from home
the Check Engine Soon came on.
To repleace the power steering pump do i have to remove the timing belt? if yes how can assure the timing belt won't move,
If moves how can i put the timeing belt in hes place?
I could tell (automatic) transmission struggled to go from first to second. Took it to Midas for diagnostic - when they reopen on Thursday 12/26.
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