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How often should i have to replace a water pump

what does it cost for a transmission slipping problem or slipping hard in first gear ?

the car has 4 wheel disc brakes, no anti lock. did the front brakes no problem but the rear pads are held in by two pins and u just slide them out. how are those pins supposed to be removed? do you cut them? on one end there is a hole where you can tap on the pin, do you bang on them front that end until they slide out?

I replaced the alternator and the indicator light still comes on intermittently. I paid to have a full diagnostic check and was told that everything was fine but the light still comes on.

Yesterday out of nowhere my car cut off in traffic while I was driving.It has been doing for the past two days.What could possibly be causing it do this

What is the best way to access the drain hose for the evaporator. Mine is either clogged or has come loose.

evaporator was replaced about 1 yr ago. Now condensed water is leaking inside instead of draining outside, Is there a drain hose missing or a clog?

I went to get a tune up and when the mechanic finish now my car will not start.He said that the fuse 10 that starts the car is not working,plus the car is not letting the computer diagnostics know whats wrong.It was starting before but now its not.this is a headache my car been there for almost a week.What could be the problem.

do not hear the fuel pump on

my car started clattering when i went to lunch yesterday. i drove it carefully home, 20 miles. as i turned on my street it shut off with low oil pressure and both service lights showing. engine would turn over, but not restart. i have no code reader to retrieve error codes.

Driver side brake light not working but it isn't a bad light dash board lights not working clock light goes out when brake is applied locks will not lock or unlock when using the keyless entry and trunk lock doesn't work

Community college auto class says outside ambient temp sensor may be culprit. Where do I find it?? Thanks

Changing transmission fluid and filter

How much can I expect to pay for a SMOG certificate at a test only station?

why does the spring left rear brakes always comes off/out?

When I stop my car my engine shake, my whole car start to shake. I pop the hood to see what is going on and my engine was shaking. I already got my serpentine belt and water pump change, I also just got a tune up on my car two days ago. I have 107,301 miles on my car.

the service light comes on and the transmission shifts very hard. this has been happening at readom travel times and distances. it only happened 3 times in 3 months, yesterday it happened twice. Had it in the shop twice but the light didnt come on either time, they got no code. They said it could be "speed sensor"" but not sure without code. im planing a 1800 mile road trip soon, i want it fixed, help!

car dies when i stop, then will only crank over like its out of gas, let car sit for half hour and it will start, i can hear fuel pump kick on when ignition is on.happens twice a week. car has 63,000 mi and is immaculate.please help. engine light does not come on when this happens

my remote will not work had a oil change an they did a reset now my remote does not work with system the remote is good not the problem what to do now ???

eng turns over but will not start. fuel pump replaced,was told i needed ecm. if you unplug the accelator motor it starts but will not accelorate over 1200 rpm help.

My thermostat needs replacing. Sadly, I'm not able to get the repair at this time. Can I still drive my car?

was told i put the serpentine belt on backwards, and it caused the timing to jump and bent the valves is this possible. as these are 2 completely different belts

front left transaxel seal leaks

I have a 2001 Saturn L300 that stalls and is hard to start after reaching normal operating temperature. Any suggestions for possible causes would be appreciated. Thanks.

How do you put the wire on the brake pads to hold them in place? Usually there are clips, not sure how to use the wire.

i can't start the car, the car is in park, but the dash board says it's in reverse.

rear end - seems both sides - clunks on bumpy surface - at any speed- no "whupping, growling, or whirring" sounds. strut assemblies replaced all around. unrelated to turning the steering wheel
additionally - may be part of same problem or another issue - EXTREME instability, even at very low speed, on wet or icy pavement - fishtails, does 360s, etc
thank you for your kind input

I can't find on the website how to type in a service that is not automatically listed. I am looking for an estimate on the timing belt replacement plus all 3 pullies.

How do i change a transmission output/speed sensor in a 2003 Saturn L-300?

I have had a L300 for a few years without problems. i recently got 4 new tires and an oil change. After this, if my car was off for about an hour or so, it would crank but not start. I would have to try several times before it would finally crank. I had the spark plugs changed and the fuel system cleaned along with a diagnostic. Everything seemed fine to them, but the not starting has gotten worse and no one I talk to knows what the problem is. Does anyone know how to fix this? What would cause my car to crank but not fully start occasionally?