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my car stalls at a stop at times but will start right back up again, also after driving if I shut the car off it wont start back up have to let it sit for a while sometimes a long while before it will start again HELP
I havent had problems with car and just today It didnt start. I want to know what to look for first .I do minor mechanic work and I want to see if I can fix it
There is no evidence of any leak ... not on the ground and not under the hood. Thanks.
Ive replaced all these patrs. 2 have been more than once or twice. Crank censor and waterpump. I reach 30mph the battery light comes on for a sec and during that sec the car looses power then remains stalling for a few secs..I have to drive it as if it were a standard.. what else could be wrong..? I kbow itll have to be the alternator ecu orr censors.. I dont know. Do you
Oh and also something like' trans can fail' and neutral censor was the two things I remember
can it also go from good running and turn off engine and go in to a store and come back and it will crank but not start and if you wait then try to start engine and it will start and it sets two codes 1 is po700 and 2end one is po727 can you help think you
this hapen when the car was runin and i herad licke and explotion and this hapend. the mecanic disassemble the head and the seal was find an the carter have no oil and water mixed they tollme the block of the engin was bad i i have to replase the all engin can you helme to know hat to do is urgent pease
The mechanic didn't reset the oil change button afterwards. Now the "service engine soon" light is on and the seat belt icon is on. No gauges at all work.
I remove key and auto door locks do not respond I re insert key give it a giggle and I got power and it starts
Just replaced the oil and tranny pan, but the engine light is on and just reads misfire. Don't want to pay for a diagnostic of i can just replace a sensor myself.
Change instrument cluster,checked all fuses still no result
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