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It is a 1997 Saturn SL2. It lurched to a stop when put in reverse and there is no turnover when trying to start it. Up til then, it was running fine. No one we have talked to has heard of this problem. Any suggestions of what could be wrong would be appreciated.

My service w/wrench light randomly comes on. Sometimes it shifts hard, sometimes it doesn't. The check engine lights is more frequently coming on with the other light. No one seems to be able to pull a code. My brother read that another owner had the same problem and replaced the control solenoid; it solved his problem.
I was told that to replace it; you just need to remove the filter and it's right behind it. My mechanic claims the transmission has to be dropped to go into the side. Who is right?

help im trying to find out about the back brakes in my saturn L3oo seris

I recently bought a 2001 Saturn L300 with 80,000 miles on it. I started it cold 3 times over a two day period b4 I bought it and it did not smoke one bit. The oil was in terrible shape but never smoked on start up or otherwise until I switched to synthetic. I ignored the old wives tale to not change over to synthetic oil in a vehicle that is several years old if you are not sure if conventional oil was the only oil that was ever used. Well I ran the car for two weeks then changed the oil to Valvoline straight synthetic 5w 30 . Within a week or two I had a puff of bluish smoke that seemed to get worse on every startup. I changed the oil at 2200 miles and it was filthy which tells me that the synthetic oil cleaned the hell out of my motor inside. I switched to high mileage Valvoline blend also a 5w 30. It is still smoking after 300 miles. I tried to aftermarket fixes with both oil changes. One was Engine Restore. The other was made by Wynns. Still smoking on startup. A longtime friend and retired mechanic recommended putting a little brake fluid in with the oil. After reading up on that potential horror show I decided not to try that. I also have read some online forums where Saturn owners have replaced the valve seals and still had this problem. WTF??????? I am considering going to a 10w 40 conventional oil and then thicker next time if I have to but living in New Hampshire I wont be able to in the winter. Any ideas other than what I have already tried? Thanks for listening. Ed from NH

for the past month and a half I have been smelling a gas smell coming from the back of the car, but now the smell seems to be getting stronger and stronger to the point where one time I smelt it in the car. I stopped driving it a couple of days ago and when me and my dad went to go look at it you could smell the smell before you even started it. we checked all under the car for leaks all around the gas tank but we couldn't find any and there was no evidence of any leaking on the driveway. all we know is we smell a very strong smell of gas toward the passenger back side of the car.

i replaced the the fuel filter. car started. then in acouple of days it started acting like it did before i replaced it i give it an half hr them it starts right up so right now i dont know if i need a fuel pump or pump filter or need to have my injectors clean it seems like once the cools off it it starts right up

needing to replace fuel pump

unable to determine which is the low side of system both ports abt same size and both hav black cap

i have same car for parts i replase bcm what other parts need also change if i don't won reprogram ?

how do i change the sparkplugs on a 2001` saturn l30

how do i change the sparkplugs on a 2001` saturn l30

my car hasnt been driven for 6 years since I was overseas. I'm now driving it and was recommended to use a higher grade of gas than what I normally use. For now the engine light never came on before until after I put fuel in the car

when i crank my car there is a white smoke from the tail pipe but after i drive it for awhile it stop but when a start it agian it does the same thang

when you first start the car for the day temp gauge does not work warm up for 5 min turn car off then back on it works ,turn off for aprox 30 min turn car back on does not work turn car off them back on it works, allready replaced temp sensor and thermostat didnt fix problem any suggestions on what the problem might be?

The coolant runs out as soon as I place some in the coolant container, the repair shop is about three miles from my home it ok to drive it there to the shop?

The car is slow to start smells like something burning no power

The car is not drivable. It will start, but when put in drive or reverse it loses power and shuts off.

misses when stopping at red light ,sometimes die /will not accelerate sometimes at redlight then jumps to high speed

car was running fine one day on way home from work started making loud noise from top of motor changed oil quieted a little bit

Bought 4 new Uniroyal tires (80K tread life warranty) on Oct, 2008. Just had fuel pump replaced. Occurs while driving 45+ MPH.

I couldn't do anything but pull to the side of the road. what should I do?

40 lbs -45 lbs what???

I got the car recently and it didn't have the manual with it. These cars aren't sitting around in junk yards. So I'll probably have to buy an owners manual

i jumped regular fan and it runs.niether fan comes on when a/c clutch engages.i swapped a/c relay/fusein under hood fuse box.any suggestions

Niether regular cooling fan or high speed a/c fan comes on

Vehicle currently at just over 100,000 miles. Since July of 2011, I've had issues with the engine occasionally losing power when shifting at highway speeds. Have replaced engine control module (and had it reflashed) in July, the transmission control module in December.

Better description found at (original complaint to NHTSA).

Vehicle did the same thing this morning. Same codes as before (P0606, P0700, P1811), and same thing as November 2011 incident listed at above link with rain a few hours beforehand. Also, day before the engine would have high rpm's in park (~2500 rpm) and slightly higher than normal rpm at idle in gear (1250 as compared to normal 750). No other problems were exhibited.

my foot is on the brake at a red light car shuts off and restarts right up again changed the fuel filter and fuel pump but is still doing it at times

relay has been changed with no luck

Service man recommended going to a dealer that has Saturn Parts and get new pan. This is about $677. Is there a less expensive solution?

car is running really rough, smoking really bad and how much does it cost to fix it