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I took my car to a dealership to have the bcm replaced, but when they called me to say that it was fixed the drivers side door lock works but the other three no longer have power. They want 600.00 to replace the actuators in the doors. Does this sound right to you? It sure does not to me. They worked fine before the bcm went out. Would love some advice on this issue. I have not picked up the car yet.

I had my trunk release, door locks,interior lights, dash lights gas gauge, temp gauge, and headlight sensor all stop working at the same time. I cannot put my car into gear unless i do it manually. I smelled a very strong electrical burning smell when this happened. Checked fuses and wires but could not find the issue. Any ideas?

Instrument Panel lights go on, specifically : security, service, ABS and Seat Belts and sometimes gas gauge and temp gauge goes up and down. Had it checked out and was told we needed:

$420 for new ignition and keys [this was supposedly triggered by SECURITY
lite going on]

$819 to fix ABM -- SECURITY {'working off each other'] via a new BCM (Body Control Module)

Any thoughts re: is this accurate? Is this a fair price? The car seems to be working just fine. Thanks so much for any advice.

what is the cost to replace ac unit

Just found the problem exists when i took the car in for inspection for readiness to quality for licensing renewal. No lights go on to indicate a problem.


This problem started about three weeks ago with the car not starting. I unbolted the positive battery cable waited a second and reconnected it. Then the gas gauge and temp gauge would bounce from empty to full or cold to hot. Now they just do not work. The ABS light stays on. The security light stays on as well as the check engine light

I cant shift the gear in drive position on my Saturn L100. Can anyone tell me what is going on.

I recently replaced the sway bar linkages and struts on front end of car. Lately when I initially drive the car, steering feels very loose almost like floating. Car has almost 207,000 miles.

unable to find transmision fluid dip stick

Where is the oil plug and filter

Ok, my battery light has been on pretty constant the last month or so. When I had my oil changed the mechanics also said my battery tested low and should be replaced. I didn't heed warning and continued to drive the car. I figured the old alternator (We just had replaced 3 months ~ ago) drained my battery and I would change it when I had the money. My service engine soon light is on almost constantly (I've had it checked out and it reads something with the cadiledic coverter which I've had checked out multiple times) the battery light is on and thats it.
While driving home last week (at night) my ABS light came on the car became pretty hard to steer my headlights and inside console lights started flickering and the car wasn't accelerating (Like it didn't have any UMPH!). I decided...I can't really drive home with flickering headlights (a 42 mile drive home) so I stopped, shut the car off (thinking it might reset something), and attempted to restart the car. To my dismay the car wouldn't turn. My brother picked me up and took me to get a new battery (assuming that was the problem) I was able to drive it home and it worked fine for a couple of days.
Last Tuesday, driving it home from work again (also again at night - 1st time night driving since the break down and new battery) The car did the exact same thing. The ABS light came on and then a few seconds later flashing console lights and headlights. I was able to get a friend to give me a jump and drive it somewhere to park it for now (It made it 3-4 miles without a problem other than a battery light on). It is still sitting there and I'm trying to decide what to do with it.
New alternator, new battery...only thing left is an electrical problem? The car is only, MAYBE worth $2,000-$2,500 and I'm not sure how much work / money I should be or want to put into this thing. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be more than grateful!

battery keeps going dead. How do I know its not the alternator?

Noticed fluid leaking and it looks like transmission fluid. I want to check the fluid level but can't find where the dip stick is located.

I noticed floor was staying wet on passenger side. Discovered water was sloshing onto floor from middle of car where shifter is. What could this be? I actually saw the water.

there is no check engine light on. Dealer service center
did a diagnostic and said the converter may need replacing
muffler shop said it was ok. Replaced coil pak, plugs,
throttle position sensor but still have the same problem.
High rpms changing gears (auto) lacks power will not run over 45 mph

Drive less than 120 miles per week

I found the cap where to put the fluid in but I cant find the dip stick. I'm woundering if it's missing. Does anyone know where it's suposed to be?

Spark plug gap for the '02 Saturn, L100 four cylinder. That is all I want.

okay i am trying to put a new altenator belt on my car,2002 saturn L100, and i just cant get it to fit. any ideas? HELP PLEASE

oil pressure issues i think. lots of top end clatter at low rpm/speed. possible failed oil pump? possible hydrolic lifters collapsed? how can i check to see if the lifters have collapsed? repair or replace? is there a pdf guide on the engine anywhere that i might download? thanks, Chris

My 2002, L100's rear tires are more than a little out of line. They are actually visually turned inwards. This is causing inside wear patches on both the rear driver and passenger side tires and most importantly the feeling that I am not in total control of my vehicle when on snow or ice. My small town garage tells me that I can not easily align my rear tires. There is a part that he can purchase which would cost about 125$ each side plus labor.
Is this true? I have read elsewhere that 4 wheel alignment is possible.
Any comments would be appreciated.