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When the car starts in the morning the car idles normally, after being in drive or reverse when I bring the car to a stop at a light or sign, the car will idle down to 3K-4K and bounce between there and 7K, other times it stalls completely. When at speed I do not notice a loss of power, and at stops I have to keep the accelerator slightly engaged to keep the RPMs up to 8K so it will not get rough or stall. The car has 118K miles. I don't know if maybe it needs plugs, fuel filter, automatic clutch failing...

Ok I have had this car three years and the most annoying thing is trying to get the key out of the ignition. Sometimes it comes out just fine but mostly i have to fight to get the key out. I have tried holding my foot on the brake when turning the key and jiggling it every which way. It eventually comes out but takes way too long. Please Help!!

When my wife lifts up on the pedal the rod in the back holding the padal where it should be gets looses and the padal comes too far forward

diagnostic code is miss fires all cylinders. it happened all of a sudden and now it won't run there is 141k miles on the car. it is an eco tech 2.0 or 2.2 liter

how do you replace the rear wheel bearing assembly?

I have a Saturn Ion 3 with the 2.4 engine. The check engine light comes on and the code says a cylinder number 2 misfire.The car runs great, and this is a recurring problem, so far the coil, plug wire, plug and fuel injector have been replaced and the same code comes back. Any ideas?"

I recently had a head gasket replaced and now I have a transmission pan leak. Are these related?

Today I changed my oil and my change oil light wont turn off, ive disconnected the battery and the light remains on.

The air conditioning system works fine, when I get it to run. It will start if I have the a/c and fan switches on when I start the engine. It might start at idle with much manipulation of those switches. Won't start while in motion.

While the car was running the key would not rotate back to the off position and the car would not stop running.


I can be driving maybe 3or 4 times a day my battery light comes on and my car cuts off i have to turn the switch and cut the switch offand then start the car up and pray the battery light doesnt come back on can you help me please

I have been having a problem with my transmission fluid leaking. I have been unable to locate a dipstick to check the level of the transmission fluid. I have recently discovered that I am in need of a transmission pan gasket. i have someone willing to fix it. But we cannot find out how much transmission fluid will be needed. I have looked at my driver's manual and it doesn't state anything regarding the transmission

Car runs well but on occasion it will not start. When this happens, the headlights and signal lights don't work - no dash lights except the one saying "service engine". All else works but it has NO power to start the engine - not even a click. The radio and heater fan work - the trunk light comes on when you open the trunk lid. After a 20 min. wait it starts and everything works. H E L P

agent says anti thef sensar is bad???

How do I get to the dash lights (speedometer) to change a burnt out bulb

Since Saturn has gone out of business, I went to an authorized GM Dealer for service who charged $350 plus tax for:
anti-freeze (coolant) replacement, brake flush and air filter. It that a rip-off or reasonable.

The Reduced Engine Light displays every time the car starts, the car seems to have little power while attempting to drive and the engine violently vibrates as though the car is about to breakdown

car will not turn cold

will not start cold

Purchased used Saturn Ion in January of 2010. Car does not always start, but will start 15 minutes to 1 hour later. AAA checked battery - ok. Used car dealer said it was a sensor in the clutch - $500 repair, not covered by warranty. It has been one year since purchase and the "delay start" has happened about a dozen times.

The check engine light of my 2007 Saturn Ion 3 illuminates constantly. I took it to a repair shop and the owner told me that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring. However, no one could figure out the cause of the problem I took my car to a friend's house, and he used a code reader to extract the trouble code from the computer. I don't know what the code was, but he confirmed a misfire in the 3rd cylinder. The car seems to run fine, but the check engine light stays on. What could the problem be?

I drove my 2007 Saturn Ion on sunday with no problems than we had a blizzard here in the Boston area I shoveled out my car from the snow yesterday and did not use it until this morning on the highway and to my surprise my car stared to vibrate/shake at 50-55mph. What happened or could of happened? I wont be able to get it to a mechanic until this friday...Help!!


Is this really a necessary service?

I own a 2007 Saturn ION 3. Within the last few months I have noticed the my check engine light would come on. Sometimes it would stay on and then go out, and other times it would come on and stay lit steadily for several days. The light happened to be on when my Onstar diagnostic service indicated a problem with the 3rd cylinder misfiring. The following month, the light happened to be out when Onstar performed an engine diagnosis with no problems. The light came on again and stayed lit constantly for several days, so a finally took my car to a shop for remedy the problem. The shop owner confirmed that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring, but nobody at the shop could figure out what was causing it. Ever since my car was returned to me, the light would sometimes go out, come on, and than go out again. At present the check engine light is on steadily, and hasn't gone out. Could anyone out there in the repair community tell me what could cause the 3rd cylinder in my 2007 Saturn ION 3 to misfire and what I need to do to fix it?

How much to replace a head gasket on a 2006 saturn ion, 4 door, ac and automatic transmission in Durham, NC?

Car running badly and stalling. Ran code reader- codes 137, 141 and 0300. Replaced O2 sensor #2. still get random misfire and engine light came on after erasing codes. Ran code reader again, code 0300. What could it be? What causes random misfire?

engine light is on also reduced power light is on also

The engine light is on and my inspection period is past due. Took car to local GMC repair. Was told that I needed to replace the "secondary air blower?" (Is this auto speak for a "fan"?) $400 later the light is still on. (It turned off when the battery was disconnected, was back on at the second try when I went to pick the car up.) Is this hunt and peck solution common? I thought computers and codes were an alternative to all of this. The car has gone 40,000 miles and runs perfectly with standard gas mileage. Ideas?