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I replaced the sensor and coolant reservoir but it continues to come on. What would be the next step?
Have serious leak under headliner at top edge of passenger side of car, it drips from headliner to seat. Every time it rains.
Changed plugs,iac valve w/throttle body, 02 sensor b4 the catalytic converter and still
I changed spark plugs gapped them the IAC valve throttlebody O2 sensor and it still does it usually in the morning
Sometimes the ABS light stays on after I start the car. Sometimes it doesn't come on till I'm already driving down the road. Then sometimes it doesn't come on at all. I just need to know if this is dangerous and needs to be looked at right now or something that can be checked later on. I'm going out of town and need to know if it is safe to drive my car or not.
I need to push the clutch down more than usual to shift the gears. The
mechanic said it may have been a hydraulic problem but I'm not too sure weather its a slave cylinder or the clutch master cylinder
put gas in my car and know the dash lights are flashing
When driving our 2006 ion with automatic transmission long distisances and stopping for short periods. Start the engine the transmission will shift hard into the different gears. I replaced a fuse took care of problem for a while but now the car ( and not every time) will have the hard shift from one gear into the next what could be the problem?
When I removed the axle a lot of fluid came out. I know how to check the level, but don't know how to add the transmission fluid. Thanks.
Shut down. What do I need to do
I replaced my throttle body assembly because my car was going in to low power mode. And it had seemed to fix the problem but now randomly it happens and I can't figure out the problem.
Just a few weeks after I bought my 2003 Saturn ION, we started having trouble getting the key to turn all the way to start the car. Sometimes we have to sit there for 30 minutes jangling the key in the ignition.

I guess my question is, is there a quick fix to this?

If not, what needs replaced? & how much would it cost?

Thanks guys!
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