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most likely repair concerns

An independent auto service said the right side lights n blinker was the body control module. I took to the dealer because they are the ones to program it. The dealer said it was not bcm. They said I need to replace the headlight for $ What is wrong with my car??

car in park, turning the key it stops and can not turn far enough to remove key. After wiggling the key and moving steering wheel,, and also taking the the car out of park and going in and out of park eventually allows the key to be turned so that it can be removed.

Battery now cant get it out security mode .what can we do......


recall on the ignition system it was replaces 2 days later car wont start light work all the proper bells work just wont start back to dealer first it was battery needed replace did that they call and said that wasn't problem its the starter can the ignition make the starter go out if not done right and since the starter been replaced check engine light remains on so that's ignition replacement covered by recall tow back to dealer battery replaced even tho it wasn't the battery diagnostic done and starter is now failed replaced but check engine light on since the starter replacement. Im a girl yes but not stupid please tell me there is a big problem...HELP

My fuel line rusted out and needs to be replaced. leaking fuel.

It also has a bumping noise when I hit a bump or pothole.

I changed the ignition coil, but it still runs rough. what can be the problem? The car ran fine all day, I stopped to get gas, and soon as I started the car, it ran rough. I put the gas peddle to the floor, and it barley move, and pick up slowly. I have to keep it running at stop signs so it won't cut off.

My 2007 Saturn ion wont start, i turn the key and it sounds like it's trying to turn on but it just doesn't, the radio turns on and everything

We just got our car ignition fixed due to recall. Went to drive away and the AC does not work. They said they did not cause that to go out? Checked our car and said our compressor is not working. Would this have anything to do with the car ignition being worked on???
Please help this is a costly fix and if there is a chance they did something I want to be in the know.

I just put in new sparkplugs when this happened

reduced power when starting from a complete stop

When in traffic cause by road construction . Have clutch and brake pressed go to take foot up off brake and car will start moving fast, like pressing gas but not and gear shift is froze wont let me move gears or get out of 1st gear. Clutch is to the floor but will take off if brake is let out. But crazier yet if I shut engine off then restart car fast it will become normal , gears shift, clutch works normal. Ive had manal cars before and NEVER had this happen. Doesnt make sence gears freezing, clutch to floor, brake being pressed to stop, but when letting up on brake car wants to take off , without revving engine, engine is at idle. It scares me .just had car for 2 months. And now I hear about all recalls on this car . Can ignition switch problems cause this cause how if car is shut off then restarted problem goes away.does it control the transmission in anyway, like computer . This is newest car ive owned.

When you start the car noisey for a few second and then it quiet with lots of power. But I don't use it because it's not pumping any oil

does the tank need to be removed ?

there was a strong smell of gas after filling the tank so i looked under the car and saw fuel running out on the ground. {/4 tank in 10 min} it stopped after jacking up the right rear of the car

My daughter Saturn ion timing went out the car turns over but does not fire

Put in a new cd player. Had my key in the ignition for bout an hour and the car just shut off and went into passlock mode and now the car wont start or anything.

When I put my car into reverse it will only backup about 6 inches and if I try to backup any further the front drivers side by the tire starts to raise up and not go back down. I can put the car into drive and drive forward to make it go back down but cannot backup far enough to get the car out of the garage.

My ion is driving rough,pretty much like a truck, now. When I go over slightest bump, even going slowly, the font end makes loud clunking noise, more so on front left of car?

MyIon shakes in front end, left, frnt tire, wobbles,& feels like its falling off, when I go 50-55MPH.It pulls too, & if I turn slightly opposite way,it calms abit, but is still progressively worsening.Plus, I went thru pair of new tires,in 10mth, both wore fast, & unevenly. (w/all rotations & 1align done).I assume i need an align, via pulling & tire wearing, (prob from crappy pothole ridden roads, from winter).Im told other issue is from bent rims.I got new tires, but haven't mounted or done wheel align yet, BC if in I'll have to pay again, to mount tires to new rims. I cant afford new rims, & haven't found used ones off Saturn, but did find 4rims from kia sport age, 4 reasonable price, w/ same rim size as mine (15x6 4x100).I also saw same size from a Honda accord & from a Honda civic, up 4sale. Will any of them fit my car,& can I use, to replace ones I've got on now?

I bought my 2nd 04 Ion 1yr ago, w/ 96,000miles on it. Since 1st day, the car shakes horribly when u go 55 or more. I had it aligned, put new tires on, & tierodd replaced, but its now worse than ever. My new tires, bout in July,2014, wore unevenly& now, so bady, they need replacing. My front left tire feels & sounds like its ready to fall off, & no deems 2 know why. Please help.

rims are bent on my 04 ion, & I want to buy used set, to replace them. The size I need is 15x6 4x100, & though I've found plenty in this size, they've come off of Honda accords/civics, Chevy cobalts, kia sport ages, sect. Would any other make vehicle's rims be compatible w/Saturn?

Within the last few months have noticed that when my car is idling, there is a ticking noise coming from the front end. Something to be concerned with? Old age? I know I have to take it in and get it looked at, but it's nice to have some idea of what I'm facing before I go. Thanks.

My Saturn will not start. When you try to start it all it does is make a loud clicking noise. Ive replaced the ignition switch, the ignition cylinder, starter, and battery. I also cut the white wire for the passlock security and nothing. The alternator and fuel pump are fine. The fuses have been checked...I am at complete loss with this one. I cant get it to a dealership to have it hooked up to the diagnostics mach. Anyone have any suggestions?
Btw, I used to have a problem with it starting in the cold. Before I could wait about 10 mins and then it would start...not anymore!

I have had several things done since last August, when the check engine light came on but the last couple of things where the ignition coil pack and module, the cat. converter. The car does have 225,000 miles on it, not sure when the transmission or engine has or ever been changed could it be any one of those?

I had my car diagnosed and some of the codes that came up where the 400 and the 300 should I have the whole cat. convertor be replaced or should I try the O2 sensor first?

is there a recall for a fuel leak on the 2005 saturn ion?