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The price on getting a saturan ion reset 2003.
I am trying to get the cirrect coil on my car replaced. A repair shop asked me: Which Coil? And i don't know. I only know when the Diagnostic was ran it said: P0354
Now in March 2015 I got new fuel rail, battery, and radiator. Electric in my car is fine but there isn't any power to motor. Does anyone have any clue at far as what should be my next step in checking? Help....please. Thanks in advance!
I've done everything I can think of to try and fix the car. Took it in for the recall parts, changed the started, fuel filter, full tuneup and the car still won't start. It used to start like normal but then it started acting up one day and now it might start if you hold the gas peddle all the way down after a couple of tries. Runs great after its on and doesn't shut off, the starting is my issue. Any advice?
Took overflow cap off and there is straight oil in there. Doesn't look like there is any water at all. The cap had a milky look on it. My husband says it's nothing .we just bought it on the 2nd from his boss without even looking at it or test driving,I seen problems as soon as I drovse it home. But I'm a woman and know nothing. I know it needs struts. It downshift when it shouldn't. Sorry getting off topic. If it's something major is there a way I can get my money back?
strong gas odor and leak
no engine oil light came on but it was close to the time I usually change it. When I drained the oil, I got less than a quart out. I continued to change the oil and took it for a drive around the block. The noise when away for a day and then quietly returned. I have about 180,000 miles and I'm wondering if this is a big ticket repair.
I replaced the sensor and coolant reservoir but it continues to come on. What would be the next step?
Have serious leak under headliner at top edge of passenger side of car, it drips from headliner to seat. Every time it rains.
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