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Padlock comes on

checked the fuses and none are blown but the radio wont turn on. Put air in a tire (the machine was plugged in the cigarette lighter) I thought from that it blew a fuse. I have check them all all seem to be okay. could it be a bigger fuse? because the driver side lock will not unlock/lock by remote also.
Thank you

I went to get an oil change, when they were bringing it around oil was just falling out. They said that I need to change the crankcase breather and the hose. Said that my oil from the engine was just pouring out. They called for prices and came back with a price of $234 that is including 90 for labor. When I called the dealership they can me a price of the parts it is like $49. What is it that I need?

Air bag light came on. Tried turning in parking spot and something was popping. My steering wheel is actually upside down now. Please help can't afford new car right now

after about 20 min.all the lights on dash board starts flickering off and on

Car engine light comes on and car ALMOST stalls(wont go went i step hard or medium on gas) Only goes with just a little pressure on gas.This seems to happen when I come to a stop sign (almost stop,then accelerate while turning. Just replaced my Throttle body sensor still same problem. same codes *battery is on at 67% but only 6 months old. Alternator checks out fine though. I am going to get battery recharged and then see what happens. Not sure after that? Need some advice please. Thanks. Anthony

while in heavy traffic and very low speed for an hour, the engine light came on and after a while battery and oil light came on and lost all power.
Restarted after 10 min, and drove home but engine light still on.

The area around the gear shift was very hot when all this happened.

tie rods I got my car 2nd hand and there was no owners manual

At 124,219 miles, and literally 1 week after Chevy dealer replacing the GM factory recall of ignition switch, the engine light illuminated once, oil level down, and loud engine knocking/rattle at acceleration started. Chevy dealer says the engine is ready to go (suspect a failed bearing or rod)? No diagnostics, just 'listened' to the engine. What test(s) can be done to narrow this down vice an engine replacement (quoted $5K for a new engine)?

The clutch is popping out of gear, hard to get back into a gear and sometimes can't get back in.

When starting the car I can hear it. It accelerates when stepping on the gas.

Do all Ions have electric power steering? I do not think I do. My steering is not that easy as most power steering is. It seems I was told at the dealership that I did not have the luxury model. How can I tell?

Bought 4 new tires and paid for 4 wheel alignment. Was told rear is severely out of alignment but can not be aligned due to rear fixed axle. If fixed, how did it get out of alignment & how can I get it aligned. Car has never been in accident.

Immediately brought it back to dealership. They now say I need a whole new Steering column costing over $900. It did not have this problem when I brought it in only after they messed with it and they will not except responsibility. Any other complaints like this????

replaced neutral safety switch, bulbs are good

fan was working till other work done for windshield wiper replacement of motor

what would be a fair price for replacing spark plugs

windshied wiper not working only one speed I was told need motor-module replacement

wiper only one speed no intermittent or slow

garage said no electric involved now wipers only work on one speed the transmission arm was first problem

I took my car to the dealership a few months ago to have both ignition recalls taken care of and now my car is turning off more than it did before the "fix." Any bump in the road or a hard stop will cause my car to shut off. I'm wondering if anyone is having the same problem and what they did about it. I contacted the dealership about it and they said they would have to run diagnostics to check what the problem is and I would have to pay that.

NOTE: I have already purchased the correct replacement part kit from a reputable online auto parts wholesaler. Like everyone else who wants their car fixed, I would unfortunately like to have this done YESTERDAY because I am stupidly now driving this car with an expired Rejection sticker. So if you are close to Medford, quote me a reasonable number of hour(s), and I'm literally on my way over to see you right now. NOTE: Mirror will not, and cannot be, connected to any type of control inside the car. Obviously, this greatly simplies this installation. Thanks

Car runs fine when car's AC is not on. The second you turn it on, faint hint of smoke comes from the engine bay and car immediately idles down and rough to where it almost shuts off. Car does not overheat nor is there any codes shooting from this problem as well.

My car idles rough and bogs down sometimes when you are driving right before it shifts. Then when you are at speed and let off the gas it shifts down and slows down rapidly. I'm thinking it's the speed sensor.

The sender is replaced after failure at the repair shop(they checked the onboard diagnostics) and the computer is rebooted and all is fine. It has lasted over a year between repairs. This last and fourth time it lasted a couple of weeks with an OEM sender before failing again. This is expensive. What is really going on...or how can I bypass the problem. Thanks

most likely repair concerns