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When testing current flowing it shoes ut is. When connecting motor no current
The p0833 goes out every 600 miles
I believe air done got into my motor the vehicle doesn't want to go over 10miles then it takes a while for it to accelerate to the speed limit.
Check engine lamp, ac clutch went dead along with cold air
Shows as not relearned. Check engine light won't go away
this happens daily
The coolant is full but the light for check coolant is on...
Engine light on and took it to have it tested at auto zone and they said it was transmission control module
No dash lights or overheating at any other time except when stopped with the ac on.
When placed in drive or reverse it will move a few feet either direction but then stops. I noticed before it got this bad that it was slow to shift gears during 35 miles or higher. Also when starting g from a complete stop it would jerks hard before actually moving
I want to change iac valve but don't want to spend endless money and time I do not have
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