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I have a 2004 Saturn Ion2, OEM exhaust system has a diameter of 1.75", I want to replace it with an all stainless steel aftermarket cat back exhaust, but the only thing available is a 2.5" diameter exhaust. I already know that a minor modification has to be done to make it fit, other than that, are there any drawbacks besides the modification that has to be done when going from 1.75" to 2.5" exhaust?
I never had a problem with my car other than minor maintenance. Now, It's starting to fall apart because I recently had an accident that crushed in the front hood and pushed the frame in. It affected the radiator and A/C which I had repaired and I paid out of pocket. The repair shop said they were trying to same parts for me so it wouldn't cost so much.

After a week I noticed a leak and took it back. They said it was the A/C lines that need replacing. I need to get an estimate. But I can't pay another high expense. Help me figure out how to get those parts and repairs at a low cost. How much is the estimated cost for this repair? Thank you, Mrs. Harris
Replaced the map sensor and both 02 sensors which were coding. It starts and runs great for 30 miles then it starts running rough like the mixture is too rich. Once I let it sit for an hour or more and cool off, it starts and runs great again. What is wrong?
I have changed my starter already and its still doing the same thing what could be wrong now
I brought my car in to a repair shop, told them it was making a knocking noise, also had some new tires put on. They gave the car back with the new tires on it but still making the knocking noise. The car is now back at the shop for the knocking noise and suddenly they were able to identify whats causing the knocking noise. NOw I have to pay for another alignment because the struts are being replced. Im thinking they need to eat the cost of this second alignment for not finding this issue the first time. I paid for an alignment when the tires were changed. I need to know if this a get-over. Please advise.
can not get new stud in from back in any position
Do I still have leeway from the recall?
What could this be
No compression cylinder 3 was tested what could this be
When you press door lock untill chimes 3times and shut door it locks all doors and passlock light should flash ....Passlock light is not flashing
There's a noise towards the dear when I start it and then my door locks go crazy and it jumps in a different gear.
It literally split in half and pulled the axle down with it as well as the ball joints, bushings, tyrod, and the tire fell off and went into the passenger fender. The undercarriage was scattered across the road as well. 2 minutes earlier and I would of been on highway driving 85 mph. This happened 2 mins from home after driving 1900 miles home from Florida. I was 2 mins away from arriving home and just got off highway when it dropped. Literally going 10 mph
Person driving said the battery light had been coming on,But just out new battery in last year
I have changed Crank Sensor and Ignition control module on coil pack I'm out of ideas
Window will go donw but not up
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