Saturn Ion Red Line Questions

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Heard a pop while driving, I thought I had blown a piston. Got it home and found spark plug #2 had shot right out of the head. I am planning on using a helicoil to repair the head, and I'm replacing the solenoid. What else should I be looking for when it comes to damage caused by this? Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks.
It will restart immediately and on my way I go. This has been going on for a year now and it doesn't show on the testers as it happens randomly. Is this possible a sensor or worse?
Service engine light comes on, then the engine with the down arrow appears and power is lost.
Water is accumulating on the passenger side of my car. It started when it was getting cold here in Canada, though I cannot find the source of the leak. How can I determine where the leak is coming from?
my car is a 2004 saturn ion redline supercharged
How much would it cost to have my sunroof repaired? I have the sunroof track that is needed. I just need the labor done.
i replaced my o2 sensor and now i keep getting a p0053 code and it keeps me from passing emissions. what are all possible repairs
The car starts and all but when I put I reverse and when I come to stops most times it feels like its going to stall or it does. Happens daily .
i keep loseing power steering while driving, you can cycle the key and it comes right back,
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