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I have changed my starter already and its still doing the same thing what could be wrong now

the fuel has probably varnished and won't start or run properly

Half the lights on one side of your dash went out it seems weird only half of half could it be the LE bulb??or fuse?or what!

bumped into a curb hard enough for the air bag indicator to come on but not deploy and lock the passenger seat and seat belt. The ole girl may not be worth a $1500 repair would like to free seat and belt if possible

Yellow check engine light is always on. Have taken it to the dealer a couple of times, taken it to two other places. No one seems to know what is causing it. This is my inspection month; this mystery needs to be solved ASAP.

Some troubleshooting codes generated:

Replaced the MAF sensor, that didn;t seem to help. Thanks for any help.

I brought my car in to a repair shop, told them it was making a knocking noise, also had some new tires put on. They gave the car back with the new tires on it but still making the knocking noise. The car is now back at the shop for the knocking noise and suddenly they were able to identify whats causing the knocking noise. NOw I have to pay for another alignment because the struts are being replced. Im thinking they need to eat the cost of this second alignment for not finding this issue the first time. I paid for an alignment when the tires were changed. I need to know if this a get-over. Please advise.

Replaced gas cap OEM, suggested to replace Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor. Difficulty and cost?

would a fluid flush be worth it from the bottom plug

I need to charge ac gas on it

does not make the noise when taking curves. always happens as described above.

I have a five speed automatic and when I switch into gears it seems like it doesn't want to give a lot of power

feels like vue rides against the wind, like the brakes r on constantly. tons of power just lousy gas milage

2008 v6 6 sp auto

radiator light come on

The atf started leaking all of a sudden

cambios largos y jaloneos en cada cambio de velocidad

Since then I've done 2 oil changes, replaced oil filter, new filters, drained and flushed radiator fluid also buying new reservoir cap for it, new cat converter, tune up, new spark plugs, etc....I fell in love with this car the moment I layed eyes on her. I take care of her, wash and wax her, dont drive her far til I get her in tip top shape or as best atleast and I selling her is out of the question. I refuse to give up on her. Theres one thing that shes been doing and I would really love and appreciate it if someone can share the knowledge they know and help me out.

Okay so shes automatic and when I drive her at a high enough speed where shes suppose to shift into gear...she matter how fast or no matter what. My friend thought for sure it would help with the gear shift once the exhaust and cat converter were fixed but no. She stays in first gear and the last time i tried to drive on the freeway(i really didnt want to but i had no choice) i got off at my exit and smoke came from hood and acceleration was slipping. I could still press on it enough tho where it would move very slow but no faster then that. Where the transmission dipstick is at there was fluid on floor beneath car. Not big spots/puddles but half dollar coin size spots. Im assuming driving the distance i did while she was in first gear is what caused all of that.

Im also guessing and kinda hoping it has something to do with a censor or idk something that isnt too drastic or where someone basically tells me shes not worth putting anymore time or money into her cause that would break my heart. Sorry for writing so much but please hmu with any other questions! Thanks.

I have removed the bolt on the outside and it looks it made the solenoid a little loose now but the solenoid still won't come off. What else do I need to do other that removing the bolts on the outside in order to remove the solenoid?

It is turning off at different speeds and different street/weather conditions and times of day. What can I check?

Won't shift

Was driving when engine sounded like it was going fast but car wasn't suddenly dash lights and instruments stopped working wipers stopped radio stopped when I stopped car stalled and won't stay running. Changed head gasket was leaking still won't stay running dash doesn't register anything

can not get new stud in from back in any position

if the trac control is on the transmission slips. also when it shifts it shifts hard. if i change the filter and fluid will this help?

when I turned the key car would start. Took to the repair shop had New ignition switch installed, car switch worked for two weeks; had the car towed back to repair shop, three days there talked with the owner of the shop still have not found the problem.

I need to store the car for 6 months and want to make sure it will not need new batteries when I take it out of storage

My key is worn and is making it difficult to start car

I have checked fuses, starter, alternator and replaced battery.

Car is spewing transmission fluid even when filter is put on tight. Checked with a knowledgeable parts person and said it sounds like transmission is clogged.

When try to restart does this everytime. It done this speraticly for bout a mth or so then stopped for 3mths or so now continuesly does this

When driving if I let go of the steering wheel it goes to the right.when started and in park if I barely push the front of the SUV in a rocking motion you hear the same noise. So I don't think it's the transmission Already changed the timing belt, wheel bearings and brakes all on the front. It sounds like its on the front right side.