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The car doesn't click it just starts going crazy and the lock sign pops up
As soon as I start it up it sounds like vaccum cleaner running in the back seat ..It stay running on same speed through stopping or driving along..If I turn the fan off it just keeps running.
Have 1999 Saturn SL-2 that isn't passing smog test. It's blowing blue smoke from tailpipe. What is involved with making that go away? What is worst case scenario to fix (other than replacing engine)? What all could be needed and what range would repairs cost? Smoke is not particularly visible when not being tested. Thanks
I have a 2001 Saturn SL1. When I go to turn the car on, the "Service Engine Soon" light does not come on and I running into some emissions problems. How can I fix this issue? Btw, I live in the state of Pennsylvania and I'm having a hard time passing the emissions part of the whole inspection because of this. Please help.
Replaced links and bushings on sway bar for some reason the driver side bushing for the 2nd time has come out of bracket.I tightened very tight and bought new bushings they are the right size 20 for my 2007 saturn ion 2.2 you think it could be my bushing housing?i thought i did somthing wrong the 1st time but no and both times came loose within 3 days of driving to work.maybe12 miles a day.
always happens since replacing the ignition,someone said it was an actuator switch to ignition but I'm not sure how to find this information
When I turn on the left turn single it flashes very fast what’s wrong. The right turn single flashes at reg speed but the left turn single light flashes very fast, also noise inside car clicks very fast when the left single is activated
If I clean the EGR valve and still has the error, what happens to the car if I continue to drive it without repairing it?
The mechanic says that to replace the fan motor blower they have to use a “kit” that involves cutting the bottom of the fan motor assembly out in order to replace it - he said the alternative would mean removing the dash board to replace it. I never seen anybody have to do this per You Tube or per an internet google search - am I getting scammed?
signal lights left and right turn work when being used, hazard lights work, they all blink except no clicking sound.
started yesterday evening said air conditioner shut down to prevent damage to engine
Starts up fine start driving and it stalls unless you rev the engine cannot fill the tank more than half full or problem gets worse this is a 02 saturn sl1 with at least 150,000 miles
it started to run sluggish & slows down & then goes into over drive & uses double the gas
trying to get a radiator replaced on a 1998 Saturn sl2 coupe,and was wondering price range including labor
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