Saab 9-3 Questions

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Cylinder 2 is miss firing
I took to get a oil change and they said they couldn't service it because it had a oil leak
And there was oil in my tailpipe and it's burning white smoke
Speed odometer
New battery but something running after key turned off. Tried to jump start and put new battery in but when key turned off and removed, clicking noise heard around fuse box under hood?
I want to know is there any coil relay for the pack
Problem appeared yesterday. Message says to make safe stop. Basically the car cannot be started.
Front drivers seat belt stuck and will not come out . Very p.o.ed at this along with all the other issues on this crap car.
Noise sounds like Wha Wha Wha...
The oil light goes on under 1200 RPMs while idling but, only when the car is warm. It also goes off in neutral. Is this most likely an oil sludge pick up screen/oil pan gunk problem?
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