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Once I give it gas it dies it will not drive anywhere

I have low pressure in first gear. once i get moving car rides fine. I was told it could be the pressure solenoid for low gear

when you pull the lever the high beams come on, but when you let it go they shut off. ive tried all 3 positions on the headlight switch.

due to my car stood still for 4 months, the oil had to be changed and brake fluid drained and a new battery. since this, the ac wont come on nor will the heater.. and the engine symbol stays on dash.. please can you advise as my car is important to me.. thanks.. Kryss.

I need to close window

Saab 93 vector model 2008 - 1,9 diesel

Is on and it smokes,and running ruff.what can I do now?

I just had this issue of the key locking but not engaging. I ended up towing it to my local Saab dealership where a part previously ordered for the column was installed. It happened again, aside from towing it again, what can I do to remove the key and try to restart it?

Hello I am the owner of SAAB 2002 9-5 ARC model car.The car was indicating Coolant Fluid low from two three days.Yesterday some smoke was there from the engine side and now the car is not starting.when we give ignition it give a sound like TICK TICK but does not start Please help me in troubleshooting the problem Thanks a Lot

I just had radiator replaced. My email is

What would I need to have to make that possible

Recently had it serviced at Saab. They found nothing. Something draws power when the car sits for a couple days without being used.

Convertible top won't go down, and neither will windows and it's like a hot box oven on wheels, so we are trying to get the driver and passenger window to at least go down, and the fuses seem to be ok! Is there a switch to check? The repairman thinks it may need a motor. How much are they per window??? Thx:)

The top leaks and not sure why and it won't go up or down. It is locked in up/on positon.However, the driver and passenger windows are also stuck rolled up, and we would like to be able to roll them down, but were not sure if it was on a separate fuse or motor/motem than the convertible top.It is a Saab 9-3

Removed inside cover and WD 40 the assembly, the rear glass now works fine , open , close . The latch sounds like it closes when shut but never latches securely

After lower my car the sid alway display problem whit my headlight

The other day the light was on but it rode ok. The mechanic thought it was just a loose gas cap and reset the sensor.

Can this be repaired and what should it cost. It was combo of rust and pot holes but the car is in good shape.

Has only started recently, its a squealy noise.

it worked perfect for 2 miles the i stoped at the store, then it was back to rough after i stopped the car, i feel like i was suppose to drive more so the car readjust to the clean IAC? anyone experience that? i have to cancel anything that will not make it work so good, what is that, i guess i will try to clean it again..and try again

SAAB here has not been able to repair - what is the fiix? seems to happen mostly when making right turns

i replaced the tires and it still vibrates at freeway speeds and the steering wheel shakes really bad.i checked for loose componets and everything looks ok could it be the steering gear or maybe the struts.also the oil drain plug doesnt torqued down is there a repaire for this?

When I roll up my driver side rear window I hear a clicking/clunking sound about halfway up and then it returns to closing normally.I have been told I may need a window regulator replacement but could it be a a simpler less expensive repair.

earlier while driving a warning sign came up on sid saying rain sensors , i pressed the sid button then it froze on screen , radio and sound for indicators went off i only bought this car ,,,,,,,,, is this a big problem for me

The next morn the emerg flashers were going,no horn due to removed fuse, ended up having to disconnect battery cable to stop it. So obviously it is not driveable cant reconn battery or continues to go off . Please help.....

With the MENU I can choose an indication that the motor oil has now been used down to 0%. Next, I am advised to press the SET/CLR button. After that another question comes: "do you really want to reset the oil use indicator?". My answer "YES" does NOT produce any effect; insead the former message is being switched back - to the indicator showing 0%. QUESTION: Do I have to press anything else ? Or shall I wait - and for how long ? Thanks for an advice !

The fuses for side rear windows and convertible top are good and so is the Power Master Window Module.The dashboard display shows no faults.There is no operation at all for lowering/raising convertible top.It is as if the computer control module is shut down and does not recognize the car has a convertible top.Looks like a power problem but where.

rear suspension goes down after sitting for a few hours and goes up after I start the vehicle

every night

Throttle sensor reading indicates problem and when light comes
on I can barely pull a hill. Sometimes in warmer weather all the warning lights go off and it runs regular. When it is cold
outside it does not run. I need to get a picture so I can see if if I can replace 1 part at least