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front and back seat are blowing heat.

SID on top of dash is not lit up. It is a black screen as if power is off. Im not sure what or where a fuze would be


I am getting a check engine light

Stereo is not working either

Does the amp1 effect windows and sunroof as well as the stereo?

my mechanic cannot find the code. Stability Control failure is what the car reads.

Wheb the turn signal switch is in the right position no turn signal comes on. When the turn signal switch is in any other position the left one is on

It hasn't given me the message yet but I'm getting little to no acceleration and I hear what assuming is the fan running over time during idle

There is an oil leak that's saturating serpentine belt with oil and causing it to slip off. I had oil pan and timing cover gaskets replaced, but problem persists.

It would not go up the last time I put the top down. In the morning it worked. Today I tried to lower the top. Nothing. No error message on the SID and no clicking sound.

I have an evap leak and i am car illiterate. I understand some of the info i am getting online about this but any other info or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. I have also sank a lot of money into this car since i bought it not too long ago so I am trying to find the most inexpensive way of fixing the problem. My check engine light came on about a mth ago and had it checked and the code it is reading is p0455.

i tried to accelerate ;car stalled then after started ran as before.I now am fearful to travel far as it may just crap out.

shop plugged it in it stopped the light. moved seat forward light came back on. went to plug it in and connector looks broken

I think thats why my left headlight goea o and off


I'm looking for the fuel filter location and would like to know if it is part of my pump module

The customer bring me the car with the heater blower motor bypassed was asking to have it repaired oe speck I have power to all the heater controls but nothing going to the blower motor

The transmission doesn't work.

Fuel filter? Fuel pump? Battery?

Car starts and runs alternator replaced 1year ago??

It starts cold fine. But dies (no coughing or sputtering) after it has warmed up. Will start again after waiting 4-5 minutes, but will die again shortly thereafter. Any suggestions?

Only my back tires are spinning, front tires are not engaging.

Windows rear come down whenever they want child lock not preventing them from coming down also check engine light comes on and stays on for days and then cuts off some days

my check engine light is on when i had it check it gave the code of misfire in cylinder # 4 i do believe. Which i was told could most likely be the Mass Airflow. I'm not sure what is wrong i do know however that it is a automatic transmission and it runs rough.

I bought this car from an old man mechanic roughly age late 60s who l so much trust in him. He has never mentioned any problems regardless the car. I have spent almost $3500 on it excluding $1800, I bought it. Both exteriors and interiors are clean. I'm a single mother of 12&8 girls. I am very unhappy and stressful with my situation because its very hard to go around without a car. I had to wake early to drop off my children at school and to go to school as well. I took it to get the road worthy and I was told l need to change couple things which costed me almost $3500. I can't afford to buy another car. I DO REALLY NEED HELP.

When I went to put my 2000 Saab 9-3 in reverse it made a loud, harsh clunking noise when I did so. Then when I put it in drive, on the dash, the light stayed on reverse even though I was in drive. Also, the check engine light came on. So I parked it and parked it to see if it would make that clunking noise when I put it now reverse gain and it did. Dash still said I was in reverse. When I turned the car off and turned it back on, it didn't happen again and everything was fine. Any ideas on what would be causing that?? When you plugged a code reader in, it didn't give any codes??

Suddenly, the headlights (low and high beams) do not turn on. All other lights are good. Fuses and bulbs all check out or have been recently replaced. Suspect the big red headlight relay in hood fuse box, which has failed before and replaced. Hate to spend another fifty bucks on a "maybe." Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan

recently installed recycled transmission. reverse worked at first now reverse does not engage

While driving at highway speed, there was a fairly loud popping noise and the Saab engine stopped running. It will start, run extremely rough for about 15 seconds and then stall and not run. What would cause this to occur? Oil has been changed every 3,000 mile with Mobile 1