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My normal ride height id light no longer is showing up in the lower right corner of my dash.
All other levels are showing up other than normal, the 2 bars do not show up either.
I want to know if this is an update in the functionality of this model, which is a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie with a 3.92 posi-traction, full length center console, and air ride.
This truck has 11k miles apx. and is in excellent condition, I have taken it back for the factory recalls and always serviced as needed. I took it to the dealership and was told they're not sure if it's spouse to be illuminated, which made me angry.
My Ram 1500 when purchased had an ID light and 2 bars when driving in NORMAL position.
I still have OFF ROAD 1 and 2 and EXIT/ENTRY showing, only NORMAL seems to have malfunctioned.
Did the powers that be do a system upgrade that made this NORMAL position ID light no longer available for viewing, or is there a problem with this truck?

Note when choosing a model 1500 was nothe listed
to read the same low pressure as the front tires??? I do not need 80#s in my rear tires when I am not towing my fifth wheel.
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