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911,2000,3.4 porsche
I can see the locking mechanism moving constantly. At the same time the sunroof stopped working, the rear wiper moves constantly, and finally the brake lights stay on even when the car is off.
Which fuse do I need to power up to release hood latch?
how do I set the engine to top dead center to change the timing chain tensioner for cylinders 1-3?
I have PSM warning light on dash & wondered if this would cause the car to fail an MOT ?
No power to ac compressor
what is the material and labor cost to replace the convertible top on a 2003 Porsche boxster?
Is there a problem check it out and discover that exhaust pipes blocked which coused problem in the car engine , my car is Panomera 4S 2012 model , I replaced before thermostat casing before is ther is any related to that damage.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Whenever I repaired some thing in the Porche work shop I should back again in something else
How long have you had this problem? 2 months ago
dead battery. followed manual directions for using jumper cables to power up the small interior switch to open front hood. Problem: when hook cables to fuse box connection and striker plate the alarm goes off. Followed manual for turning off alarm, by manually locking and then unlocking the driver door, but it is failing to turn off alarm. So alarm is sounding off and the electrical release switch is not responding since car is technically still "locked". Any ideas? thanks. John
Trying to remove dash panels to get to headlight wire. Procedure showed removing ignition trim and nut. Nut was stuck, so damaged when trying to remove. Gives ignition fault now. If I order new switch, what happens with keys? Do I have to get them recoded by the dealer to work on new ignotion switch?
My airbag light came on after jump dead battery, how to reset it?
a/c would blow hot on one side. has been not cooling but I have plenty of freon.
after 10000 oil change. using scan tool nt 500
I have tried to remove the housing but I cannot seem to be able to get to it. How in the world do you remove the thermostat housing?
It has 97k miles and I just changed the spark plugs but it is still shaking a bit at idle. Rpms don't fluctuate. It also shakes a little at speeds over 80 mph but that could be the wheel balance?
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