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I had an electrical short in the wiring harness from the relay box to the brake switch; The air bag light was affected. A couple of the wires that burned, made contact with the wire going into the dashboard display and the light for airbag was turned on by the burning wires toching it.
I replaced the burnt wires and now the the light stays on. Do I need to go back to the dealer to reset the computer because the falt is in the memory?
The cause of the problem was the rear brake light wire in the harness shorting. I'm the third owner and I guess someone someone in the past years, put a cheap fuse that melted it's plastic casing like Shrink Wrap, making the two prongs come together and keeping a constant closed circuit. If you know DC current, it gets hot, fire very fast.

water leak i checked the bottom hoses and there ok the water is coming from above the bottom hoses in the engine area

My battery goes dead over night. I have replaced the battery but it did not fix the porblem?

Car only has 17,000 miles and is in excellant shape. The clutch engages properly and does not slip. Just the free play at the top feels stiff almost like it needs adjusted if it were cable activated but, operates okay.

I just prurchased a 99 Boxster and can not turn on the cruise control...any tips?

I am considering a Boxster, and am wondering what the "typical" average will cost for an oil and filter change, and how often this maintenance is suggested?

it happened when i was driving for a while and i park the car to do some business transacton when i came back all the coalant was in the ground and it is leaking right under the car, troubleshoot. filled with water, crack vehicle when warm notice that water backing to reservior. give me a tip why water is backing up.

How do i rebuild a transmission for a 97 porsche boxster? Transmission is ZF5HP19. It is an automatic.

my window will not operate with the door lach. all switches work and i have it apart and apears that when the window is completely up that there is slack in the cable.

where is starter located,how do u remove

the air bag light stays on all the time . we had a o/s window regulator fitted after fitting an elecrician tested the system all indicated that the air bags are working but the light still stays on

my power seats slide forward and backwards or up and down while i'm driving i'm not and my memory on my seats will not set

y does the light on my temp gauge keep blinking

is this a common thing for Porsche, having leaky washer fluid reservoirs? It really chaps me.

When top is put down and then back up, there are two dents in the plastic window. One of each side about 2 inches from the edge of the window on both sides.
This is new, didn't happen before.
Any idea what the problem is?

I have a Porsche Boxter 2009 PDK AUTO Transmission with 1000 miles. I had a message :Emergency Transmission Run" and the car was shifting gears like hessitating. When I got home, I turned off the engine. 15 minutes later I ride the car just a little bit with no problems. I schedule an appointment with the dealer but I have to wait 5 days until it can be seen. Can I still drive my car? Will I be stranded in the road? I read some similar stories and they said is due to low voltage.

While driving, the car lost all “pulling” power. I stepped on the accelerator and it did not even rev up the engine. About 5 seconds later the engine shut off by itself, as if it was by some type of safety switch or relay. Can someone help me determine what it could be?

Spun in snow and hit the rear bumper, now the car will not start. Starter is working. Is there an emergency fuel switch??

I was just winterizing my ride when I went to unlock the front and rear trunk lids. Here I was trying to unlock them so they would not lock up on me over the course of the winter. Surprise! They're already locked. All electronics work fine. The car starts no problem. Windows, locks, etc. all work fine. I just replaced the battery last spring, so I'm hoping it's not that. Any thoughts?

rear engine vent will not go down, How do I fix this?

The Boxster had a common feature where the windows would open and close a small way when you open and close the door. This has almost stopped on my driver's door. The window tries to go down a little but then stops. I have thought about possibly trying to clean inside but the window works fine otherwise so I am not sure if this is where the problem is. The big problem is right now the window catches the roof when you open the door.

Any ideas?

I would like to save money and buy and replace the air filter myself. How is this done?

car starts fine then starts slowin down act like not gettin gas as rpm increases- going to replacr gas filter and fuel pump? don't know where fuel pump is located. any other ideas appreciated

while driving car runs fine at first when it gets warm it just bogs down and won't go. after turning it off and restarting runs fine for awhile and the does the same thing

My 2005 Boxster convertible top stopped working. It opens, but the ragtop does not come out and I do not hear any motor noise. I checked the fuse & it was OK. Any advise?

The starter will not crank, all of the dash lights come on. The windows won’t work, the trunk release will not work and the interior lights will not work. I have a new battery about 6 months old, this just happened. I have checked all of the fuses all are good. I am completely lost
Thank you

trying to replace the front brakes but cannot remove the caliper to get the pads out. Removed bolts, but caliper won't budge

I am the original owner, 15,800mi/25,600km. My car has been perfect. This morning, I drove it a short distance and when I returned, I saw an 18"x24" pool of very clean oil where I park my car. I have not driven it since, though I did start sounds perfect. The digital oil gauge shows the oil is fine (had the yearly maintenance in May). The car has been maintained only by the dealership.There has not been a single drop of oil since, and photos taken underneath show nothing. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Battery was drained but I had the hood open so that I can recharge the battery which I did. However the ignition is locked. How can I unlock it so that I can start the engine?

Can someone tell me my car have a fault code (O) beside hand bake light, what is this mean? Please help