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My parking brake has stopped working. The cable still has tension, but the ratchet mechanism doesn't hold the brake handle up anymore. Is there a spring or gear that I can repair? Just got an estimate to change the whole unit for $975. And that wasn't the dealer. Please help

About to do oil change on 2003 Boxter 2.7. Do I nee anything over and above 9 quarts of oil and a filter?

convertible top will not go down. motor is getting power

white smoke billows when starting - recedes after about 5 minutes, but is using/burning oil, about one quart per 100 miles - have been told it is the oil separator for sure - any coments, and, where is it located??


Dead battery and can't open either trunk manually. it's like the whole car is in lockdown.

Someone jarred the car from behind while parked and now the car won't start.Does it have something to do with resetting a fuel valve that automatically disconnects when bumped?

Sometimes when starting the car, the ignition key will not turn. I will work with the automatic shift lever and eventually get it to turn. Any ideas?

My car has been sitting during this winter. Went to clean up and tried to lower convertable top...nothing....seems it could be a micro-switch located near emergency brake. took off panel and cannot readily see the micro-switch?? any ideas?

I have owned my Boxter for about a year now and absolutely love it. I have a local mechanic who is great but was thinking I should see a Certified Porsche Dealer for my 60k service. Anyone with thoughts on this and ideas on what I should expect to pay for a scheduled service?

Hi, I have a 2005 porsche boxster, it is locked and the battery is dead, I can`t open it because it only has the electronic remote control(no key)and batery is dead, can some one help me?

Took my 2001 Boxster to get a leaky trans seal the dealer is saying bushings inside are damaged and wants another 2900.00 on top of the original 1800.00 (to put in a used transmission!) It was running fine, just leaked before I took it in??? Says Porsche doesn't MAKE parts to rebuild them?

I'm interested in purchasing a used 03 Porsche Boxster. I'm concerned about maintenance costs. any recommendations?

where do i find instructions online to take apart the door on a 2003 boxter to replace the window regulater?

how difficult is it to do a clutch job on a 2001 boxer

Driving my 1999 Porsche Boxster and all of a sudden the car is very loud. Could it be the carburator? Is that expensive? Maybe the exhaust/muffler? Car sounds like a boat. This car has been my nightmare! HELP! Do I have to take it to a Porsche shop? Or can the mechanic be ASE certifided as I really dont think it is engine problem.

My top does not always operate either up or down unless I move something inside the locking mechanism where the lock clips into the top of the windshield. How do I repair this?


I can still open the front compartment with a cloth and screw drive by popping the compartment hood up and releasing the latch. Is this done with a cable or an electrial device?

When the engine starts, the engagement gear occasionally squeels loudly. I assume the shaft that it spins on needs a little lubrication. When I got under the engine, the starter is not in any conventional location I've ever seen. Where is the starter, and how do I get to it?

My 02 Boxster overheated. I lost fluid. I shut the engin down waited for it to cool down and refilled with Anit-freeze. It has not over heated since. The tank was full when this occured. The fan was running. Does this sound like a stuck or bad Thermo. or bad cap.

I have an electrical short and my horn goes off when I step on the brake or open the door.

have tried rep[lacing both bulbs drivers side low beam still not working. checked fuse and nothing... any answers?

How do I remove the spark plugs

Battery light came on, replaced battery, with new battery (old one was shot), and battery light still on? Did diagnostic check, nothing came back......checked fuses, all are operating, any ideas on why the "idiot light is still on?" Manuals said belt might not be working but also stated Power steering would be gone, all appears to be working when I fire it up.

Help! Is there a manual way to get the top up?

The first thing that this car started to do was not allow me to put down the top, then the windows wont go up or down, the key remote wont work or set alarm, and now it wont start. Have checked battery, have checked fuses, have disconnected the battery overnight with hopes of resetting the computer. No luck, still not starting, dashboard lights all come in with key in ignition and air conditioner comes on as well, no radio - checked fuses, cant get control locking button to come on either. What is going on with this car, I have only owned it for two weeks and drove great until three days ago.

water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet

how do i reset the maintenance reminder light after changing oil


Today my power windows quit working. The fuse is fine and we can't find the source of the problem. Everything else is working fine. Fox