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the seller said I had to start the car and while it's running I had to turn the key over a second time... if I don't do this the car acts like it won't run just chugs
Does is trigger a trouble code in the computer to shut down?
Without crazy modifications, is there a solution to be able to play music from iPhone via bluetooth or other method
general repairs
Car is in 1st. The clutch works, but you cannot shift. This just happened!
I'm installing part number 99620122107. I've accessed the canister, but cannot determine how to disconnect tubes. Tried a few minutes but afraid I will break a connection. How are various tubes disconnected to remove canister?
Bentley Repair manual indicates clear with single mounting bolt. After removing driver front wheel and wheel well cover, mine is black, and seems to have a mount behind the driver door as well as two addional bolts closer to the front of the car. Due to headlamp washers?
It ran fine for four months after purchasing it from the original owner, then it just suddenly sat down. Any ideas from this meager amount of info what the problem might be?
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