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When I turn car off dash lights stay on every time day or night and battery keeps draining what should I do to fix this problem
For about $8k USD. Car is in a dealership with clean record, and runs very well. What problems should I expect to encounter? Do the 06's have plastic coolants pipes?
boxster engine cuts off at low speed. wont restart immediately. after 2 to 3 hours, will start up
The fan graphic on the dash goes us and down, but it doesn't seem to be blowing any air. I can't find any fuse that is associated with the fan.
the Check Engine light has been on for over 5 days and the dealership said it was because of some small piece of dirty stuff in the cam tensioner. To fix it would cost around $2,400. However the tensioner is just a little device worth of $50, why they charge so much and is there a place I can fix it at a reasonable price?
Have 1200 miles on car. Problem started about 300 miles. Hear loud rush of air with acceleration, then deceleration. No warning lights on. Seems like I'm losing turbo boost. Car is definitely slower than my last Carrera S. Dealer says nothing wrong. Any ideas???
cooling fan smoked & made a lot of noise. The mechanic said it was loose. Would they have had to touch it to replace the alternator? Or is this new problem just a coincidence?
the seller said I had to start the car and while it's running I had to turn the key over a second time... if I don't do this the car acts like it won't run just chugs
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