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Any tips on how to prevent my multi-disc CD player located in the back access through the tailgate, from skipping so much??

I can re-boot, but System Failure message returns. What could be causing the problem?

I took the existing cooling fan relay apart.check the contacts .reinstalled it.and the fan wasn't cooling after I turn the car off running hot.hopefull thinking I bought a new relay.and the problem was the same, stayed on forever and drained the battery.
Regards first Porsche.

sweets from top and drips down no sign of leaking open hood and moisture on the underside of hood in front (911 conbvertable)


i have a little tear just over the rear window where the top bend to fold down it look like premature wear

I had a new battery installed on the 944s porsche and a week later I needed a jump start because the battery drained.

Trans has a problem coming out of low start-up range. Takes a long time to accelerate in the lower gears. When trying to get to highway cruising speeds, it slowly accelerates to 55 MPH and locks into that speed, not going any higher. Almost like cruise control is controlling the throttle. The RPM does NOT go over 2200 and when placed in neutral the RPM's slowly climbs to 5000 and tops out there. On rare occasions (1 out of 50 times) the engine RPMs seems to break out and I can go to higher speeds. New tranny needed or servicing?

I've been looking through the owners manual but it doesn't say anything!

It just started doing this and after about 5 min it starts to sputter and then dies.

I've been searching for over a year now doing my research on the Cayenne S, and yes it's a Porsche, I just need to know what to expect in the future.

My vehicle has 63000Km and recently making noise when getting over 90km/hr. I took it to the garage and was told that noise was coming from differential due to the fact that I have different tires made front ( Westlake) and Rear ( Michelin) and was advise to change all 4 tires ASAP before damaging Differential! I am a little surprised that tire of identical specs (255/55 R19) can make have differential making noise and damage it! Your Advice?

The oil is spreading onto the inside of the right hand front wheel, brakes and suspension

back of sunroof is up and relay module is gone

recently had right window regulator replaced. all worked fine till today. put top down on my 99 Boxster and windows went down like normal. Put top up and windows will only go up half way.

Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if i can replace my airbag with (Upgrade my (non) Multi-function Steering Wheel to make it a (Multi-Function) one) a multifunction airbag? and is it a simple retrofit or do i need to do some re-programming?

Also radio will not power off, draining the battery

Vehicle acting like it has interrupted electrical current, but it starts and rides normal.
1) Turning signal display delayed or frozen on instrument cluster, but if you look outside it working with normal intervals.
2) Windows stops 3 or 4 times on its own before completing opening or closing cycle
3) Electrical seats will stop several times on its own before completing forward or backward motion.
4) Windshield wipers have delayed start and will freeze and move again.
5) Back up Light flashing and sometimes completely quits working.
6) Cornering Lights (directional signals) always on and flashing.
7) Vehicle A/C fan will quit and starts again; electronic temperature display shuts off then start again in unison with A/C fan.
All flashing and acting don't have any specific intervals. It looks like vehicle is in electrical starvation mode.
I have replaced: battery under driver seat, (battery in trunk been tested normal), wiper switch, turning signal module and switch, head light assembly, All parts brand new from Porsche.
There no codes I can give from vehicle computer, because I have to disconnect battery ground terminal for overnight parking, if I don’t battery under driver seat will be drained.

just a dead car, will not turn on so have to push inside the garage where it remains till now, read on the manual it maybe the anti theft , or the black box follow directions but still dead

It is very seldom used and I charged the battery to be able to use it

was driving and notice the low engine coolant light came on looked at the temp gauge and was at the normal 175. 10 min later stopped at the light and squealing sound from the engine. When I got home the car was leaking a large amount of coolant (I believe) does anyone have any idea what this may be?

Thanks PM

i would like to hzve enough to cover all common problems


the blinking red light is on the side of the panel.

I am having intermittent problems in shifting my boxster into the park position. It requires great force, and appears to be getting worse. I am now just leaving it in neutral and using my hand brakes. Please Help!