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I need to know where the fuse for the cruise control is in the fuse box under the hood
My soltise Pontiac AC stop working
relays all are good temp sensors is new and good give power to fans they work unplug the temp sensors fans turn on high I went and got another pcm as well
what causes this ?
why is my gauges malfunctioning, oil pressure gauge don't work, fuel gauge don't work and the is a red warning light that pops up that says check gauges
Grinding sounds in the back
Rear subframe replacement.
It rained heavy today and I was riding threw alot of big water puddles
My 2005 Pontiac Aztec won’t start I changed the fuel pump,battery ,alternator,cam crank sensor crankshaft sensor and it still don’t wanna start
Just changed my oil and did you push gas pedal 3 times and nothing happend with the light my clock reset but not my light
I put key in ignition and try to start the car but it won’t move I have tried to move the steering wheel left to right I have tried to put the key in the ignition and wiggling around and then try to start it that’s not working Either
I have a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix and no key fob. The manual door locks sometimes work and sometimes don’t on either or both sides of the car. What are some issues that would cause this?
08 Grand Prix GXP. Cranks but won't start, the fuel pump doesn't run when the keys on and the security light on top of the dash isn't lighting up. Code was 1682 when I ran the codes. Changed the ignition switch and still cranks but won't start. Alternator was having charging issues before this happened have new one just not on yet. Have an Optima D35 deep cell battery that needs changed, battery is 5 years old, could that be the problem? Went though some water over the road about 3 days before it wouldn't start and ran like a top since, until I went to leave with it 2 days ago and it wouldn't start. Any help would be GREAT.
Supposedly there is a bracket in the way to the actuator box causing the dash to have to be removed for repair. Can the defect be fixed without removing the dash?
I added sea foam spray to the throddle body and after the car started up I shifted gears didn’t go well. Hard shift I never had this problem before sea foam spray.
I have various codes like p u b c
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