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Check engine light came on with code specific to Bank 1 02 sensor. Had that changed, month later light came back on again, same code. 02 sensor was replaced (in case of defectiveness)2 days later check engine light is on again. Heading in to have it read. IF the code comes back as Bank 1 02 sensor, does that mean the catalytic converter needs to be tested to see if it's triggering the error. I read previous q&a's and there was one that was suppose to link to a page discussing this but the link does not work.

thanks for the help,

How can this be? The PCV is underneath/behind the intake manifold on the 1.8 liter engine and requires the removal of the manifold to reach it. Once there, a new manifold gasket would be required to put all the parts back together. Is there really a RP certified repair facility willing to do the job for $40-$52?

right front brake locks up

My driver-side headlight no longer works on normal low-beam, but it comes on when I shift to high-beam. Would replacement of the headlight (#9003) fix this problem?

as soon as I reach 60 mph, otherwise it feels fine.

AC always blowing cold when button light. No amount of button pushing or changing temp control turns off AC.

overfilled my gas tank, been driving for one year with a bad evap canister. Charcoal on my gas cap and door cover. How bad is it for my car? Whats the repair involve replacement of? Just canister? Thanks!

I recently had my alternator replaced, if I change the battery, how much longer will I have to drive the car to pass test?

When I drive from Palm Springs to Yucca Vally - steep hill - my check engine light comes on when I start back down the hill. The light stays on for 2-3 days then goes off. I took it to mechanic once but the light was off and he couldn't find a problem.

Blower motor stopped working. Have not pulled it to test it yet. It was suggested to me that a Relay may be the problem. I cannot find if and where this relay is located. It's not in the under-dash drivers side fuse box and not in the fuse box under the hood according to the fuse layout in the owner's manual.

Took my car to Autozone when check engine light came on..code said "pressure control solenoid"..goes to garage tomorrow..I only have 31,000 miles on my 2007 Vibe!!

this pole is additional to the taller on top of the common to 2006 models but not all 06 models have it

my car has 70K miles on it.

how do i fix this and could it be the eao vaalve

The car began running very loud especially when started and whenever I hit the accelerator. The car is easily 2x louder than normal. It seems to drive okay, but I haven't taken it very far since the noise started. No check engine lights turned on.

could it be plugged or how do you test to see if is working

is it done from outside or from inside the panel on hatch door

it has 58,000 miles with no previous probs. of this sort.

I am lost..

The door clicks open and shut constantly if I turn on my defroster which I need at this time of year. I must hold in the max air button to keep the door from opening and closing. But then it uses only recycled air from the interior of the car.

Car has 218k and running great. well maintained. noticed the rear wheels (solid axle) are cambering in (almost like the axle is weakening), so the tires are wearing the inside edge. with a solid axle, dont understand how this can be happening! what a bummer. any fixes out there? shim the drums? replace the axle? I am trying to get to 250k! Thank you in advance.

trouble shoot why we have to keep replacing coils. They are charging us a LOT to replace the valve cover.

cant remove rotor hub nut needs to be losen but how

The air bag light is now on. The insurance company says the collision could not have caused it. The code says bad module. Is this possible. They also say the passager air bag is turned off. I do not not remember doing this. Any ideas?

engaging when engine is off clutch spins freely

both lamps are out,according to the cop that stopped me.

every time i roll down the window

cruise control does not light up as being on , and cruise control does not work at all. the dealership where i bought the 2009 vibe new and have always used them to service the car wants 100.00 to put on the diagnositic machine is there a cheaper way of fixing it?

Discount Tires (where I get all my tires) tells me my 2007 Vibe needs alignment. I took it to my "trusted" repair shop and they tell me it needs rear wheel alignment as well as front end. They quoted me a price of nearly $200, saying that "shims" were needed on the rear. $200 - really?

The only time there is a squeak is when I am making the 3 point turn to get out of my driveway.