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The hatch is open an the latch is lock an the key or the button will not unlock it
Engine turns over but like it won't fire up.
the air bag indicator light came on. Vehicle has 80,844 miles. If vehicle is turned off and then restarted light will go out but come back on after a few minutes.
The first five mins was on city roads so the speed was like 30 to 35 miles but then I went onto the freeway when I found I couldn't get the speed up. Then I switched back to the D gear. But the whole process, the rpm never went near to redline. It was around 5k to 6k. The redline is 7k to 8k and above.
Changed the rear wheel hub assembly and the ABS wheel speed sensor. I've researched everything I can find but can't find any information on just the all wheel drive light.
now when you go 60 mph it vibrates hard when you step on brakes. It happens all the time now. It just started vibrating while I'm driving 60 mph. I'm afraid to drive it.
The left blinker dashboard light stays on solid after engine dies. There was no sign that anything was wrong. I started my car to warm it up. 10 minutes later when I came out to leave, it wasn't running but all the lights were working. When I tried to start it again, it started and then the engine stops running 3 seconds later.
I would also like to know the location of the fuel filter and the fuel pump.
My car has no power and is blowing white smoke, its hard to start and when you push on the gas pedal it misses and stalls out
they burnt out.
Turns over strong, when I turn key over without cranking the rpms jump up and down between 2 an 3... seems electrical any ideas?
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