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These are the CEL codes
If you pull on the lower edge, it gets better. I don't see anything in there that is loose, or access to open it. Ideas on how to fix it? Love the car, and it had around 150,000 miles. Thanks
replaced battery the battery light came on replaced alternator battery light still on and now the running lights won't come on at all and the automatic part that makes the lights come in doesn't work either.
Torque converter switch is stuck off and we failed emissions.

could it be
The remote on the key chain doesnt work. I cant get into my car.
Fuses were checked, blower motor worked with direct line from battery, installed new control panel.
So I just had my the rod replaced and while driving my car the radio changes to am and now will not shut iff, even when the car is off. Any ideas?
Wipers only start working once I give the blades a tug.
Switch or Motor causing the problem?
problem. They dont stay on all the time help
For past year car started acting like I was In 5 th gear and check light will come on saying control module. It will only do it when I'm first or second or neutral. Also my cruise control light will start blinking on and off. So I would have to pull over shut the car off and it would be normal again. It's being doing it way more offten like 4-6 times a day, and finally it won't even start. We checked battery, starter, alternator everything ok. But the car ant start, anyone had some problems? Any ideas?
Had a rough idle in park and when accelerating ,fix misfiring with new plugs improve a little but engine light still blinks when accelerating , also once in awhile it'll jump the rpm high till it catches or let off gas pedal , coil ,o2 sensor what would be the problem?
ive had this fixed in 2014 and 2015 looks like ill have to do it again
Ihave replace my oxygen sensors and mask air flow sensor. check engine still on.code p0031
There was a very loud clicking noise right under the passenger air bag. I had to take it to a GM dealer. The cost was $250 and wondered if this pertains to the recall now?
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