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I put in a circuit breaker fuse in for the power windows an the windows will not go down

When I hook up my code reader and stream ABS data, my reader is showing some weird readings. All values from ABS (including each wheel sensor) are ranging from minimum to maximum and does not show actual data.

The car has been pack for five years.

The car has been packed for over five years.

I replaced pan gasket twice ,and left output shaft seal , but ATF is still drooling down from above somewhere. What leaks above that area and can I fix it without $2500 transmission shop work ?

It runs good on highway but if i park n leave it running it will go dead

What would cause my car not to start now.

number 6 cylnder misfire detected check engine light flashing then to a steady light engine making a metal knocking sound turn off twice while driving ... changed the 3 ignition coils....spark plug wires....spark plugs...engine oil....changed number 6 fuel injector.....added fuel injector cleaner to gas tank...added oil lucus staibleilzer to oil......has 124,00 mil....what else could be the problem.... could it be the valve stem no good....

Usually will start back up within a short time. But sets to long have to spray starting fluid back in tube to start it again. Acts like not getting gas at time. When get it running it runs best if can get it on the road and when it get to around 35-40 mph it kicks in and runs good

It won't start .charged battrry .new dues.acts like it ain't getting no gas

Could be the problem 1997pontiac transport 3400

As you drive the transmission stalls the engine out when changing between 1st an 2nd gear or between 2nd an 3rd gear, an runs fine when in 4th or overdrive gear. it stall sometime when coming down into 1st but mostly stalls when going up in gears.

Cable broke and can no longer pull open with pliers. I can't pop the hood to open. I took to gas station and they cracked the hood (fiberglass) but did not leave a way to reopen.

I had my transmission rebuilt and it won't take off into first properly. I have to give it more gas than I did before. When I'm on the highway the tachometer is a little high for driving at 65mph. When I'm parked and shift into drive it doesn't move forward on its own. It drags. It moves forward very hesitantly. What is the problem with my new transmission. This only started after I had it rebuilt. Please help. The shop can't figure it out. Twice already.

just started slow on crank twice now wont start at all. I have air valves on came lose tonight the other the part store closed off months ago they are by the battery and there is a sound and vibration every min or so coming from rear of car

just stopped working now.i can see motor working but wiper blades won't move

Could it be a door from coil that's not opening correctly

For a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport SE

OK I have a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport do I secure the battery from coming loose so it stays running

The door is shut and can not open it from either inside or outside. I am sure the door will need to be opened to repair it, but don't know how. The handles on both sides just move freely so a cable or something is broken.

And van stops. It will startup right away but when you press the gas it dies. But if I let it sit there for 15mins it will go, but have let it cool every 15 miles.has a new water pump. Help please