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Cleared codes said OK but lights still on and seems like its going shut down. Anti theft, abs, brake, check engine all lights flash on? Almost seems like when shifting that's when abs and brake lights come on

Cleared codes said OK but lights still on and seems like its going shut down. Anti theft, abs, brake, check engine all lights flash on? Almost seems like when shifting that's when abs and brake lights come on

Cleared codes said OK but lights still on and seems like its going shut down. Anti theft, abs, brake, check engine all lights flash on? Almost seems like when shifting that's when abs and brake lights come on

I have a 2003 sunfire 2.2 ecotec automatic lately it has been blowing the brake light and signal fuse. What would cause this. Also just today i was driving my car and not sure what happened but the transmission will not shift from second. It goes into park reverse and nutral perfectly just when i accellerate its stuck in second what would cause this please help

I have tried holding buttons 1 and 2 down together but the radio doesn't respond. I have also tried all the other 2 button combinations but still nothing. It will not give me a code. It just says "LOCKED" on the screen.

abs light stays on WHY?

The shop said the whole dash area has to be replaced to fix the "knob" & I can't find any information about it.

Shifter can move but nothing happens car stays in park and just revs when I push the gas.

when im driving down the road in my 2001 pontiac sunfire se coupe the service engine light theft system and traction off and gauges quit working or all light up at the same time whats wrong?

I got the car from a old ladie who lost her keys and she had her grandson drill out the ignition well they gave the car to me with new ignition and key with a passlock sensor attached . I dont think its from the same exact year does that matter cause i got the security light to go off and got it to turn over with the ignition switch detached from colom bht key turned over in cylinder. Does the switch have to be attached to colom and cyliner in order to work correctly. My fuel system still wont come on even with security light off now what else would make it not come on ive checked all the fuses. And they are all good . How can i delete passlock all together?

For the past couple of months, I've been having engine performance issues on my 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. There is hesitation when taking off from a complete stop and engine 'bucking' while accelerating and/or maintaining constant speed. I cannot tell you what the RPMs are during these events because my tachometer is dead. It sometimes moves but you'll never know if it's accurate. I know the stepper motors are bad and need replacement. Anyway, no CEL or pending codes. I have no issues starting the car and don't notice any odd smells or reduced gas mileage.

We tried seafoam in the tank and through the vacuum lines and there was improvement until about 3 weeks later and it was right back to where it was before.

Today they decided to take a look at the throttle body because it was a suggestion been given to me in my many searches on the subject. Well, it was filthy and had small twigs stuck in the spring. When they tried pressing on the accelerator, it wouldn't open. So they cleaned it and it started opening like it was supposed to. When I got picked up from work, I drove it and the car was perfect. No hesitation, no bucking.

Until it started doing it again on the way home. Very subtle at first. I thought I could feel the surge from the gas peddle but couldn't be 100%. So we rolled up the windows and turned the radio off and took it to the highway where I could open her up and it became much more pronounced again. I'm devastated.

Is it possible that it's still the throttle body and it's closing when it should stay open while driving? I looked online for throttle body replacements and can only find salvage parts. I should also mention that we replaced the throttle body position sensor last fall because it was stalling when slowing down for turns and curves and my CEL came on because of it.

Is the throttle body being dirty just a coincidence? I need some advice :(

I can't tell where the transmission fluid is leaking from, it is all down the lines and leaks sometimes more than others...

I ran out of gas and the engine light went on i replaced the cap like i was told and it is still on . And my turn singles wont work after a little while every time i go out . I replaced them all and even the head lights . Can anyone help me ? shows the strut assemblies being the same on the right and left but when I attempted to assemble a RH assembly to the drivers side I couldn't get the part to line up.

Getting a bit of a hastle from auto wreckers about exchanging the item

Replaced blower motor, has to be wiring.

At first had the anti theft light on. Got that fixed hasent came back on. Now this week it would start. Then stall. No noise or warning it was going to shut off. Sometimes while driving the gauges will jump around. Or stall while driving and start up again. This last time, just wouldn't start. What could it be? I've been told the fuel pump. It's not getting SPARK! So electrical it has to be. HELP please

I can replace the fuse and it will work for a couple days and then blow the fuse. lights all work... 4 ways work... brake lights work...

Brain no longer works!

Has a lot of spliced wires behind driver side light and needs to be fixed.

It acts like out of gas then u pump gas then it goes again but back fires

My 1997 Pont..Sunfire SE was running fine A water hose Busted and we fixed it ,it started and run fine for less than a mile then It started giving a sort of put put sound and refused to start again we replaced a sen..that had gotten broken or just broke.But it still want start even tho it does turn over it just don't seem to be getting enough power but,we have tried jumping it nope don't jump.I don't get the problem.Where else do I look for the problem ? It would love any help .Thank you

mmy parking brake does not work how do i fix it.

thought it was fuel pump so replaced it too