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When I try to park my van and turning my steering wheel left it was making a clicking noise and I can't finish parking. What is wrong and how much to fix?
I checked the fuse under the hood, #8, and that was good.
My 2001 pontiac montana buck jumps sometimes and stalls. I can start the van and drive around with no problems. when i stop and go shopping the car will buck jump and will quit running. when i get it started it stays running while in park.. but as soon as you put it in drive it will quit running. someone told me its the sesor in the transmission. to me sounds like a fuel filter or fuel pump. i dont have the money to keep adding parts to it and the mechanic said it was sesor in transmision or the clutch in the transmission., hope someone could tell me whjat really is wrong
did the new thermastate
Just got this van. Decided to change all the brake pads. Noticed that only the front drivers side had fluid coming out and only that same caliper was grabbing. Could the problem be my master cylinder? I kept getting a weird vibration when I stepped on the brakes for a period if time like at a light. This may sound weird but it all seemed to start by changing the bulb in the back passenger side brake light. Spoke to the gentlemen at autozone and they told me that this van might have a bleeder box? I can't seem to find it. I don't have a lot of money to sink into this and I e already spent over $300.
The message in red reads engine power failure.
I have to press on the gas pedal to get it to start when it is below half a tank
Last year my vans heat would come on when in cool position. Almost like it was stuck. Turn off fan and car then it would work again. Air conditioning worked very well.
This summer, air conditioner would not work and there was a ringing sound, now there is a louder noise when all front fans are on. None when only the back fan runs.

Is my air condition shot.
At 40 mph with the rpms at 2000 they will suddenly drop to
about 1800 then bump back In od or 3rd gear No lights This
is constant
If I put the van in gear it clicks really bad then I put it back into park and it gets even worse, I turned off the car and relised I can push it when its in park? whats wrong?
Replaced fuel pump/filter. If I spray a little gas into intake, it will start.
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