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Transmission will not shift into second third or drive
When driving van will start to backfire and act like its going to die. Usual happens when the gas tank reaches a half tank.
I've replaced water pump heater core thermastat radiator put bars in it Incase of cracked head gasket but it keeps running hot and dying help please
3.4L Engine
My inside lights do not come on when I open my door
when you get up to around 50 mph the transmission will make a loud bang and then the van will jerk this only happens once in a while
when you stop and start right back up the right rear brake will lock up for a few feet before letting go
this started after it overheated while my wife was driving
i turned the key an got nuttin but all the lights radio etc worked. i turned it off an back on an got nuttin i waited a few mins an tried again an only the seatbelt light came on everything else is dead including the power windows last time it did this my radio an time reset back to default
How do I fix the security so the van will start
My driver side front door recently stopped latching correctly, and water leaked started to leak in from behind the temp/MPG readout on the ceiling.

I can also hear the wind whistling outside from both the driver side front, and the passenger slider.

The van has 150k miles on it, and so far has run like a charm, but in Michigan, Rust kills... is my frame starting to buckle?
I went to the gas station and when I came out I put the key in the ignition, it dinged once then nothing. I got a jump an hour later. Let it run for about 15 min. Turned it off and immediately wouldn't start I don't know how to get to the battery with the fuse box on top to check connections.
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