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Car is stalling after I changed what now. I need help on new problem.
109k mileage. When shifting it feels like a kick almost, from stop to start sometimes not accelerating, when it does accelerate there is a sudden kick. Then between 30-40 mph shifting twice. Is this my transmission, or "normal" for this model?
I have on there new rotors and brake pads.
I noticed while checking connections on hoses and other connections that when I moved the vacuum line on the map sensor the RPM's shot up.
I know some cars have more than one. I need the main one that registers with the computer.
Every time I start my car it sets there and runs very rough putting out black smoke. I've changed Map Sensor, fuel pump and gas cap. Thinking about cleaning throttle body. It idles high at times.
After checking fuses,relays.I replaced combination switch .Still don't have low beam headlights,would shoul I check next,and where is it located at on car?
I took the cap off the fuel pressure check port to see if it was getting fuel. I got gas and air bubbles. The motor is running very rough and is hard to start at times. Fuel pressure regulator checks good. I took off the vacuum hose and let it run 15 minutes with no sign of fuel.
Why is it when I pull the cap off of the fuel rail bleeder I get bubbles in the fuel. I tightened the bleeder and let some fuel pressure off and it ran pretty good. But the next morning it was running rough again. Done the same thing and it smoothed out. It had a little hesitataion. When running rough it has black smoke.
I push the middle button and my dash lights turn off like it wants to work but nothing happens. I turn the dial, I checked fuses, I washed the HUD and windshield but nothing happens. Does the windshield look different where the HUD display is? Might have a different windshield
I go to start it I have to give it some gas to keep it running but when it does start its fine runs great. I let it try to let it start on its own and it will but it sounds like it wants to die
I was told that I had FPR problems and to pull the vacuum line off of it to see if there was any fuel coming from it. I could see no fuel. What next?
Sometimes my car will start and other times I have to push the throttle down about halfway. It runs rough and other times it doesn't. It has smoke coming from exhaust at idle. I pulled vacuum line off of FPR and no fuel showing. Could it be the map sensor?
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