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i just had the transmission replaced

the car overheated. I put coolant in it, but it leaked out as fast as I put it in the radiator. it leaks only from the back of the engine, not from the radiator or block.I cant get to the freeze plug to replace it.

When stopped and turn on left or right turn signal causes the idle to drop and sometimes will stall. When stopping in drive low idle also causes engine to stall even when it is warmed up.

my car is leaking on the passenger side under the dashboard when it rains whats the problem

When I start my car it goes all the way up like all the other gauges do and after that at stays at the bottom like my car was never turned on. I have cool. I do know my thermostat needs to be replaced. I have it just have not found anyone to do that for me. Could that be part of the problem?

i own a 99 grand prix gt which squeaks everytime i slow down hit the brakes or stopped at a red light about 20 mins after i turn on the car and go to where i need to i put new rotors on the front, new belt and a reprogrammed pcm to see if it would help, but still squeaks any suggestions on what it might be

I bought this car a few weeks ago, the high beams where out, now we have all the lights working but they're backwards, it runs my high beams as DRL & if I dim them the highs & lows come on, if I manually turn them off it says headlamps suggested,we haven't messed with any wiring, just replaced the dimmer switch & fuse block under the hood, what can be wrong? Thank you in advance for some tips...

- Odometer reads 123,000 miles.
- I have the feeling that I am driving in first or second gear is now constant. A few weeks ago I heard a soft whine / whining noise that seemed to come from either under the engine or in the fron of the car. The noise was not loud and was noticeable when I turned the steering wheel either to the left or right around a turn, or turning at an angle of a 90 degree turn.
- The engine's oil and transmission fluids are clean and full.

A light came on saying "A/C off to protect engine" then white smoke and brown liquid came out of my car what does that mean

drivers window switch

I was at a store with car in park and heater off and the gauge went to 3/4 way up on gauge mehanic says its working right the gauge is off some how. they say they recalibrated it. Have you ever heard of such a thing?


Check engine came on (02 Grand prix 3.8L), Cleared code P0442 (Small EVAP Leak), Check engine came back on and noticed gas cap gasket was cracked, Replaced w/new and cleared code again.. Ran very good for roughly 70 miles after topping off the tank but did notice the needle took awhile to drop from the (F) mark, I then had lose of power with no additional codes returning and now it is very difficult to go over 30MPH without having serious hesitation. Changed purge valve, fuel filter and check vacuum lines for the obvious....All looked good from what was visible... Hooked up the OBDII with laptop and noticed the 2nd bank O2 Sensor was showing voltage but showed N/A for the fuel trim as O2 bank 1 show voltage as well as a percentage reading for fuel trim... Any Thoughts?

my heater will not blow air. occasionally it will come on. ac does not work either.. is this due 2 a fan or motor going bad???

How does one determine if the wheel hubs need replacing, or is it the CV joints? Hearing a grinding noise in front while driving. Hard to tell from which side.

How can one determine if the EGR valve and solenoid are bad? Are both replaced simultaneously?

I had an oil change, then a week later, my husband had checked the oil, found NO oil, so I ran it back to the dealer ship and found that I had a leak in my oil pan gasket and was told had to drop the engine--$400. then replace a $20.00 part. but we are still looking for a cheaper price.

where is the fuel filter located on this car?

I have had new hub,pads,rotors on back and new sensor on front left. The low trac light comes on and the brake padel pulses at times. Sometimes the odomoter does not function. What is the remedy?

My 2002 grand prix has a a fuel gauge with a mind of its own. I have been told that it is the fuel sensor. I need to know how to access it and the proper way to remove it and install the new sensor. Thanks in advance

im leaking coolant right behind the big pulley towards the bottom of the car is that the water pump i cant tell when im under the car.. its poors out when car is cranked and it its hard to tell where leak is coming from?

back power window went down and now won't go back up. The rest of the windows work fine.

key switch sticks

i have heard both it is ok to buy used injectors and then i have heard do not buy rebuildt injectors please advise

when i put car in reverse the car shuts off

When the gas is pressed down th eengine makes a grinding niose

Whne i step on the gas peddle th eengine makes a whistle noise

is there a fuel filter i should replace during tune-up (local shop told me there was not one)

Recently took my Pontiac for its emissions test and it didnt pass due to Coolant Thermostat (PO128). What is the solution & cost to fix this issue?

I'm not able to turn my wheel to the right when in reverse, the stirring wheel locks up & I hear metal on metal.When I'm making a right hand turn I hear a noise like something is going to break or crack. My email is