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Pontiac Grand Prix
I've replaced the blower motor and the resistor, the blower motor still did not come on. can you help please....
I just wanted to know if i buy this car with 101,600 how soon will it be before i have to buy another vehicle?
installed new plugs and wires ,injectors cleaned throttle body code reads plug 4 fault so I changed it yet again also checked all coil packs . any ideas out there
My car jerk a lot when I turn the ac on
All the rest of the lights work fine like the headlights work and brake lights are working too including the 3rd brake light any help would be appreciated
Light still comes on when 1st start the car. Goes out after a couple minutes driving ???
When driving the car it jerks really bad then it died. It turns over but can't get it to start. Already replaced the Cadillac Converter, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, fuel injector, air filter, Mass Air Flow Sensor and O2 sensor.
Auto door locks won't open. How can I disable them?
Im having trouble with a pushrod seat being to far down
temperature is running hot..radiator and water pump have been replaced in the last leaks seen..has water..what could be causing..temp raises mostly while at a light..started a week ago..five minutes driving its hot
put additive in, change fluid color was good.
2008 Grand Prix . High beams work but running lights won't come on. Fuses are good , bulbs seem good . If one bulb is bad will this cause both not to work? Or is there something else to look for?
I notice that I get less gas mileage and I have to slow down in inclement weather. My brakes feel weird, even though I have brakes.
A month ago my car started making vibration noise right below the driver side mainly when I sit at stoplight for a few seconds. Also lately my temperature gage rises a lot when I'm going slow or sitting in it after been driving it. Once I turn my heater on it doesn't really rise. Than a couple weeks ago when I start my car I can hear a kind of like a vibration sound by the transmission area. Ahhh plz help me with my car. Any info.
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