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my Pontiac grand prix gtp stalls without any warning. it has happened at both city speeds and highway speeds. Sometimes when it quits I can restart while coasting down the road, and other times it wont start for a few minutes. I just bought the car a month ago and im not familiar with the grand prix gtp

In drive the car won't move but in m I can tapshift from first to third

service engine litgh came on week ago then this week it was cold and wouldn't start that afternoon it was warmer outside it started could it be a sensor

have changed 2 of the tensioner pullies today,no change. put the car in reverse makes a slamming pull back kida noise. the noise I am hearing in the belt area Is kinda a rattling or something only in reverse and drive. help

It has a ticking noise under the dashboard while driving. What could cause this?

so i bought my car used and when i turned on the ac it didnt work till i put it on level 3 and now it wont work till i put it on max. whats the reason for this?

My car was running perfectly fine. I changed my oil then my car started idling weird and shutting off. Once it warms up and I drive a few miles it seems fine but before its warm it will start and idle at 1000rpm for a few sex then idle up and down and stall. Or I drove but when I stopped at a sign before it was warm or slowed for a corner it would just drop to 0rpm and die.

My sons car has a stalling problem that has no pattern as to when it occurs. Can restart after a few minutes. He says that he noticed prior the it stalling the speedo and the tach spike and then drop to 0. Would you start with the crankshaft pos sensor or the mass air flow sensor?

We think we are having tranny issues, and noticed that the HUD scrambles up and down when it is shifting into overdrive.

Low oil light came on so I took my cat a had oil changed. Brought to my work and liw oil pressure light came on. Checked oil and it looked like there was 2 quarts to much. Took it back to where oil was changed and they said I had water in my oil. So they did another oil change and it did the same thing right whenI picked it up. Have not drove it since. What should I do or what can it be and can I put Blue Devil Gasket Sealant in my motor.

how to make a timing chain tensioner adjustment

After sitting for five minutes or so the car restarts and runs fine until it shuts off again. Sometimes within a mile sometimes not again for several miles or sometimes it runs fine for the rest of the trip! No codes are set when this happens and it only happens when the outside temp is over 90. Parts replaced; coolent temp sensor, fuel pump, crank position sensor, Iginition control unit.

what button do i press to release the key tumbler lock

I went took my girl to work then came home tryed to start it it starts an then cuts off after 5 sec changed resistors still doin the samething

P0300 and p0301 keep popping up and my engine shakes bad at 10 or less mph I have changed spark plugs and wires no help im not sure if my ignition controller is bad or what it just happend last week I even changed the egr and thermastat no clue and I dont think vacuum leak. .. any ideas. ..

I jus bought a 1998 pontiac grand prix with 117k miles there's no check engine light on but there's water coming up from the driver side floor making carpet wet.

cost to repair anything that involves repair on timing chain assembly parts price and labor cost? 98 pontiac grand prix gt?

05 grand prix gtp

this is my first time having this problme. help me out trid wasteing money on gas

took the cv axle out to replace them notice the fittings are different not sure if they r suppose to be like that thanks

when cruising 50 mph or 60 if i give it some gas the rpm's go up and then slowly come back down before it starts to gain any mph is that transmission slipping or what

occasionally there is nothing when you turn the key. If I turn the fanbelt just a little, it will start. The crank position sensor was changed with original part about 6 months ago.

all of sudden wheel got very hard to turn,than wheel keeps turning around and around ?? checked steering fluid and was ok??

air comes out cold on drivers side comes out hot passenger side??

what is the function of the crank sensor ??

what can i do to help get this higher

car will shut off while on the road or when stop will not start? will start eventully.

I have taken to autozone and they ran scan. All the sensors are good. Condition comes and goes but starting to stay on more frequently. Notice power steering doesn't seem to be working when lights are on. Gas mileage gets worse also. Any help would be appreciated...

It smelled like wire burning and I was wondering what could cause it. It comes on but that is about it. I took it to Autozone but they weren't able to run the codes

when cranking my car it has a really bad miss. the code reads random/multiple cylinder misfire. I just replaced the plugs and wires. I also tested the coil packs to check the firing and all produced a big blue spark like they should. what is causing this to occur?