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I am not sure if they are all related.

i noticed when i was flushing my brake lines(i was doing that because i was changing my brakes and calipers and troubleshooting why i had no brakes) that a sensor was unplugged from my master cylinder. i plugged it back in (my master cyl. had been the cause and took it to a local shop (northshore auto repair in belfair) to have it replaced as i was a bit intimidated. upon getting the car back and have the hack try to blow smoke up my bum, i asked him to come out and show me how to "bleed a sensor" ha ha... i lifted the hood and noticed the sensor had been again unplugged. hmmm i plugged it back in. and left. I don't have abs and the error message comes on all the time and makes my "parking brake on" light illuminate as well. this drives me crazy. my brakes are needing to be done again and i want this to go away.

My air filter was changed out to accomodate a K&N round filter, before i bought it, and twice i have almost catastrophic random cylinder firing error messages on the the message center. each time i have to pull over shut off the car and sit, then disconnect the battery to reset before continuing on my way. Each time this has happened when i am speeding up for a hill or stepping on the gas to pull out on a rural road into traffic. i have owned the car for two years and it has happened two or three times but it would happen more often except i can feel it and i ease up on the gas. i have never had any codes read because i have had to clear them to get going again. my car now has 99k miles and it happened at50k miles and at75k.

2004 pontiac greens prix gtp. I had rebuilt 2 yrs ago. I drive to 40 mph and it revs high?? I have no idea what's happening now. Anything from anyone would help. Thank you

My mileage is averaging 20 mpg. I have an insuffient erg flow code. The rpm fluctuates I have replaced the mass air flow sensor 4 times and the egr valve was replaced and a new throttle position sensor. It helps for awhile and then started having problems when it got cold.

I tried replacing the MAF sensor no change iou f I unplug the Made it will run but irradicly any ideas would be appreciated

is there any way to diagnose the problem before it stalls again?it stalls out intermittently. Also only sometimes the motor will shake a bit getting on the freeway , and or at times it feels a bit sluggish. Any ideas on what's the problem or where to start? No check engine light has appeared.

I have pneumatic hood rods and when I lift my hood up all the way it does not stay that way, instead it'll come crashing back down if you don't catch it. I was just wondering if there was a way to fix it without a mechanic

Felt hoses and feels like nothing is going through..

Supercharged 3800 v6 granprix gtp

I bought this car used and all the stats that are supposed to show such as "fuel used, avg econ, oil life, and range" all flash zeros on my screen. I have tried the reset button but to no avail, it does not change. The TCS button to the right of it also does not seem to turn anything on. Any recommendations?

I installed a new alternator and a new battery in it, but the battery light still comes on shut my car off

I believe my owners manual says it relates to the content alrm or something. Thanks

Grand prix gtp super charged 2000 3.8 when hot loss of power then stalls for up to 60 minutes b4 i can stary

Car stalls when hot cold runs great and hot it revs unevenly 200 rpm 800 back and forth

Had someone change the intake manifold gaskets now the car is idling very high and won't shift while driving help

When driving, the dash lights on my 1997 grand prix GTP will randomly flash or flicker, and sometimes the ABS light will come on, and sometimes the air bag light will come on, then when I come to a full stop, my car has no power to accelerate. The petal is pushed to the floor and the RPM's shoot up, but the car barely moves. If I turn the car off for about 30 secs, it will run like nothing was wrong. If I'm not at a place where I can turn it off, the steering and braking is very hard. Sometimes this happens 4-5 times a day and sometimes not for 4-5 months. My mechanic changed the ignition switch. I've been told it is a grounding issue. It doesn't act up reliably enough to check diagnostic codes. ?This has been happening on and off for about 4-5 years. Transmission was replaced 3 years ago.

It runs but lacks power and bogs down when I accelerate quickly.

location of the purge valve, vent solenoid, vent valve for the emission

when it shows the low engine power it does not want to run its on but it doesn't run.

its getting fuel to fuel injectors and i can hear the fuel pump come on,runs fine no hesitation or misfires,no check engine light,allthough about a month before this the check engine light came on,took it to autozone,they hooked it up and out came a code for oxygen sensor,the only code that came out,i replaced it ,then the check engine light still stayed on.he said that it may take awhile for it to go away,i disconected the battery to see if it would help,didn't help.I still drove it with the check engine light still on for about a week or so,it finally went off,drove fine up until this happened with it starting fine and idles for a few seconds and then the stall,starts everytime but stalls?i don't no what code it sent out to their machine.

Came on after I changed the water pump

i have cleared bottles/garbage around but it seems like it has come off the track, what should i do?

When i roll up the window, as soon as i let go of button, it goes back down. after a couple times of trying it wont go up at all. I have changed out the switch. Worked for about a week then started happening again. Last time it happened, one by one the other windows would stop working correctly. That's why I thought it was the switch. What else could be causing this?

I recently replaced the coil for the number 3 and 6 cylinders do to a P0303 DTC, cleared the code, but noticed that my reader says possible problem and the EV, O, C, OH, and E lights flash. When I start my engine sounds like air is being sucked in, and noticed it makes a pinging noise until it gets to operating temp. No trouble codes are on now. any suggestions tips what to do next.

my car just stalls for no reason while driving? I have already replace the iac and iat sensors.

my 97 grand prix gtp stalls while driving down the road. it happens at hwy and city speeds. I can sometimes restart it while coasting down the road right after a stall. other times I have to wait a few minutes until it will start. I have had it hooked up to a scan tool and the error code was misfire cylinder 4. I have replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires. I also replaced the vaccum line that has to d0 with the fuel pressure.