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Transmission won't move full of fluid
One of my fog lights shorts itself out every 2 or 3 months. I have had to replace the $12.00 -$14.00 part so many times. When it goes out, my turnsignal goes out too. This becomes a frustrating recurring situation. Was there a recall that explains this?
I put a new fuel pump in it and a new fuel filter and it still won't run what else could it be

leaking anit freeze from the timing chain cover
under the blower , directional air flow and hot/ cold control? The graphics are worn off.
It started down pouring in the middle of replacing waterpump and lost a bolt on pulley so used a bolt i thought was close however when ran car their was a clicking so i replaced with right bolt and new waterpump again and then car never cranked again battery,starter,and alternator all have power but no power getting inside vehicle how do I get this fixed and about how much will it cost. I dont know how to find a mechance who can fix this problem please help me someone
It also acts like it isn't running on all cylinders. Acts like maybe has a block somewhere. Also at times my hoses go flat
There's no gauge to tell me if it's low or high pressure. But i think it's the sensor that's messed up so its giving me false answers
Po 300 mostly on 3 & 6 have had po303 but no po306
My grand prix has an after market remote start. I lost the remote start so my dad wired a toggle switch strait from the battery to the starter. It worked at first. The next morning I started my car, drove about 10 miles then my car dies without warning. Won't crank at all. Figured something he installed got shorted so I tried to arc the starter with a screwdriver just to get it home and it starts smoking bad. I'm confused because the starter can't cause the car to die while driving it right? Please help.
I stopped at store last night, went to leave nothing, it does not crank but all the lights come on. Husband tested the battery and it is fine. He even went and bought a new battery. Still nothing. Anyone know what it could be?
When I turn the key over it just clicks. I have door chimes, dingers horn, radio, lights,. When it first started this I did the turn it over 3 times then leave the ignition on for 10 minutes, that worked at first. Now I have to leave it sit for a day then it starts right up. I have this picture on my dash that lights up Orange and it kinda looks like a helicopter. Please help
Could be the super charger could be a rod knocking .
I am trying to find a great mechanic that works well and does not over charge. One that is dependable and wants to work on my car.
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