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When changing a oxygen sensor do u have to replace both at the same time or can just replace the one that ur getting to code for and then go get the other and change it when u have the funds or is it not good changing one then the other wen u can? I have replaced the upstream but then couldn't change downstream that same day bc didn't have to right tool to change it and have been driving it around and made trips out of town please help engine soon light is flashing now after changing the upstream and getting bad exust smell just stand at the back of the car and in the cab???
My Pontiac spits and spudders and check engine soon light flashes and continues to flash wen at 40mph or high speed I changed plugs wires mass air flow replaced injector seals new thermostat sensors new fuel filter I got a code for bank 1 system to lean so changed upstream sensors haven't changed downstream yet but also getting air in my fuel line somewhere with fuel pump bc of starring problem and have to let the air out the line where u check ur fuel pressure what do I do I know I have to replace other sensor but was told to check into replacing ignition coil packs and module and crankshaft and camshaft sensor I don't know what eles to do or wat it could be anymore and the spitting and spuddering ain't getting worse but standing at the rear the exust is bad and some times gets into the cab?????????????
97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP my transmission works fine other than it does not go into 3rd gear just quit doing it one day
It happen when I turned it. Off got gas started it put it in gear and would not move
While driving you have feel heat coming out of the vents but if you turn on the heat or a/c nothing blows out. I checked the plug and it looked fine. I am not sure if the blower motor needs replaced or what is wrong.
The gauge is pointing down and in the middle.
So I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi with the 3800 supercharger, now when I start the car it starts right up and idles perfect but when I try to accelerate it has no power and you can hear a weird noice coming from the supercharger area does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong
my mom's 2001 car started acting up. it cuts out then low oil and low fuel light comes on. give it about 5 minutes it starts again but runnning sluggish at times. As long as I keep 1/2 tank of gas or more it does fine. my brother in law says its electrical not fuel related. my mom is 78 and battling cancer only car and doctors are 75 miles away
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Transmission won't move full of fluid
One of my fog lights shorts itself out every 2 or 3 months. I have had to replace the $12.00 -$14.00 part so many times. When it goes out, my turnsignal goes out too. This becomes a frustrating recurring situation. Was there a recall that explains this?
I put a new fuel pump in it and a new fuel filter and it still won't run what else could it be

leaking anit freeze from the timing chain cover
under the blower , directional air flow and hot/ cold control? The graphics are worn off.
It started down pouring in the middle of replacing waterpump and lost a bolt on pulley so used a bolt i thought was close however when ran car their was a clicking so i replaced with right bolt and new waterpump again and then car never cranked again battery,starter,and alternator all have power but no power getting inside vehicle how do I get this fixed and about how much will it cost. I dont know how to find a mechance who can fix this problem please help me someone
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