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Accelerating over 20-30 miles an hour there is a consistent humming noise which would normally be a wheel barring clearly coming from the right side I change the wheel bearing today and it still has the same noise
Change the thermastat still getting warmer than normal. I have not seen the fan come on at all.
Replaced thermostat, still seems to be getting warmer root should. My a/c doesn’t work but wondering when my cooling fans should come in
I have u b c codes and can find reason for them? Has my car been in a accident
I have various codes like p u b c
I put a different coolant rather than what was already was in there...while it was running. And it cut off. Won't crank up.
Service engine light is on and code p0332 up needs sensor replaced and I'm wondering how much this repair will be at a shop ?
Im having an issue with my 98 grand prix. It runs hot (doesnt over heat) and the fans seem to be running slow. According to the gauge in the car everything is fine when Im running down the highway doing 65mph-70mph . Once I exit the highway thats when it starts getting hotter (gauge reads about 210*). Do the fans have a high speed and if so do both run at a higher speed or just one? Im trying to figure out how exactly the are supposed to work so I can diag them to see if theres an issue or not.
1993 Pontiad Grand prix 3.1 , stalls at low RPM and starts back up with no problem. I have replaced the TPS,Crank sensor, MAP, IAC,Air sensor,fuel filter. What next?
If I’m going 70mph my rpms will only be just pass 2k no higher then 2500. And just recently my check engine light came on. And I also have a transmission cooler line leak. Please help. Should I stop driving the car until I’m able to get it fixed in 2 weeks? And how bad is what I’m describing?
My speedometer is pointing straight down and won’t move at all. It happened right after the charger got ripped off my battery.
replacing the rear brake lines on a pontiac grand prix do you need to drop the gas tank
The serpentin belt broke we were replaced it then couldn't get it started battery was fine poley's were turning finally after having it hook to jumper cables for a long time finally got to turn over got a home it sat for a couple hours and now can't get it started again
I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix and neither high or low beams headlights will work. I’ve checked all fuses and relay and have had no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?
Where is starter located
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