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A few weeks ago, the air conditioning knob jammed and snapped off. I see the rob to control where air is routed, but am unable to turn it.
My Grand Am has a major oil leak. About once a week, more oil has to be added to the car. After about $1,000 worth of repairs, the car was fixed for a few years, but then the problem arose again. Oil leaked onto the starter, eventually requiring me to replace the starter.
It happens upon starting the ignition. It throttles up to 2+ in park and accelerates without the foot on the gas when in drive or reverse. It happens randomly & has happened about 5 times since buying it in September 2015.
what should i do. There looks like a factory amp is in my trunk, but i do not see a fuse box for it. please help
Would use parts and ignition box coil
I had putting a small amount gas in it for couple week. Instead of keeping it at a half a tank. And had turned a couple times when wasn't park. I don't if it had a barring on things. Throttled and vibrates at the steering wheel to. Missing keys. Don't why stop working so got get keys to see what's going on. Can a 2004 grand am se ignition switch be a replacement for my 2001 grand am se. So can see the problems on it. Please help
How do I set it or learn it?
I have code p1336
Electric window switch on drivers side?
it seems to happen on hot days my thermostat stays at normal temps though im curious if there is a sensor that may need replacement or anything i dont know
Got the oil pan off but having trouble disconnecting the pump from the chain housing
What is the reason I can't figure it out?
Yeah sitting at a stoplight my car starts to vibrate with the brake pedal depressed down and I've got a brand new tune up and what would cause the vibrating of the car the steering wheel starts shaking really bad when I press down the break
This doesnt always do it after touching brakes little hard could calibers be sticking
I have 99 2.4 L4
parts car available is a 94 3.1
will I be able to use rack and pinion
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