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My car starts up with no lights on and sometimes the light shows up. I cannot figure out if it would be the cluster or ignition switch please let me know what it would be or if anyone has the same issues.. I do not want to spend too much money on a mechanic
When I am driving at night I an unable so see what speed I am going, and have to use a flashlight.
My check engine light is not illuminating I failed Asm emission test but can't find the problem.No problems with vehicle rides smoothly.
I need diagram of excate phisical location

sometime will start & run for a day then wont start
I have replaced both ignition fuses twice in the last 2 days....when they blow the car will not turn over or this due to a bad ignition switch or would it have anything to do with the security system?
I was driving and sitting at a stop sign my car made a popping noise and then it shut down and will not start...fluid levels are good, the lights work but it will still not start . It had no leaks of any kind up to that point...
When my car is started and warming up there is a heavy flow of anti freeze coming from beside the engine/motor on the right hand side. I have replaced the thermostat and the radiator hose.
My check engine light has been on and about 60% of the time it won't start the first few times. The radio and lights come on but the engine won't turn over. I have replaced the gas cap. I have 170,000 miles. My gas mileage is Pretty low. I have a new battery also.
my power windoes dont work or my heater or my driving lights and the rear defogger stays on all the time
it. but no oil in coolant, or coolant in oil
come on. but when i arch the sarter manualy then try to start it will run. what is the problem?
When I press on the gas the rpms flutters as it idles up and back down. Also when the engine is cold is idles at around 850 rpms and idles fine in gear. When the engine gets up to temp the idle starts to lower to 650 rpms and the engine will shutter in gear quite a bit but will not stall. I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and 4 injectors with used items. I did not check the fuel pressure however. I also replaced the sparks plugs and aluminum coil housing over the coils. I cleaned the throttle body and replaced the aic valve, tps sensor, map sensor and cat but still have the same problem
I was thinking it could be the egr valve, intake mantifold gasket or oil/air separator since there is not pcv valve and notice oil residue in the air intake before the throttle body Thanks for your help Craig
The car will turn over but it is not firing for some reason....we have changed the IMS & the coil pack and put a new starter on started dying going down the road and I would have to pull over and start it back... & it got harder and harder to start til it would not start at all.....
only pressure on the brake pedal when car is off once its turned on the pedal goes to floor
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