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What seems to make the problem better or worse? Won't start
How long have you had this problem? Couple of days
Every time it blows all dash board components stop working (i.e.: speedometer gas gauge rpms). Blinkers and lights on dash board continue to work.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not sure just happens when I replace the fuse
How long have you had this problem? Month or so
Ever since owning car 2001. Sunroof keep blowing fuse passenger side front and rear window won't work. Can't lock driver side door.
Constant fuel problems.
Bought new.
Has only 105000 miles on it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Can't fix it, repeat repairs
How long have you had this problem? Since I had it 2001
2001 Pontiac Grand Am, 2.4L
1 mechanic told me it was a carbon clean procedure that would cost 160-240. 2 friends from church recommended that I should first go get some injection fluid, then tomorrow morning go to their mechanic for another opinion. I maintain my car well--it has aLMOST 116,000 MILES. wHAT SHOULD i DO?
My lights come on but it dont click or anything i shake my key into the ignition and it would cranck up been doing this almost 2 years today it will not start fire coming from it i had got a boost still nothing pleas help...
I have a 2004 grand am the car was working fine. I went to start the car and it won't turn to start like it's locked. I tried turning the wheel but it isn't locked.
It drinks gas it sometimes turns off when you make right turns and we have replaced a lot of parts and tested many others now the gas hand doesn't work now
diagnostic codes PO303 andPO420
Bought new 2001,fuel problems, sun roof fuses have to keep replacing.
Are their recalls for these.?
Had gas, fuel pump problems since I owned the car. Bought brand new 2001.
how hard is it to install a new water pump
show me how to replace my rear brake light
my old belt tore on outer edge, put new serpentine belt on, slips over few ribs on crankshaft pulley as soon as I start in, makes no noises, no vibration, car runs fine,
I know that the radio has one and I am guessing that the reason my fan don't run at times because had fan work on a n parts replaced it has looked like it would be hot then it drops the temperature and I have seen antifreeze on the ground for short trips and I will go over 100 miles no leak
I just changed the EGR valve and clean it with carburetor cleaner and the check engine light went off. and when when I went to to get it smogged they told me that it was not ready yet to read. So they couldn't run the check. they told me to drive it for about 80 miles and then come back. I did this and then later that night the check engine light came back on so I took the battery cables off and reset it and check engine light went back off what do I do to set the drive cycle to get this right and have everything when running the Diagnostics just say everything was checked and so do the smog people can do their job
I just changed my EGR valve and cleaned it out. I need to know what's the drive cycle is to reset the computer so I can have it smog
When I 2004 Pontiac Grand Am key will not turn all steps to try remove lock cylinder will not work. Already ordered replacement parts if key will not turn is it possible to remove in tire assembly with ignition lock cylinder still inside of ignition switch does it require to remove the wires to turn the key. I know to remove the cylinder itself you must turn the key which is why I bought the total assembly with cylinder. Have not attempted to remove.
Car for e fine yesterday. Got in to go to work and it pulls the theft system again. Done it once before. Put a new passcode in. Passcode.didnt work this time. Just want to not have it at all. I have remote.start, does that have a thing to do with this issue?
My check engine light came on it said air mass flow sensor
My runs for a couple of days when I turn off it want crank but later it will crank
I replace my starter cause when I try starting it the car be wanting to start it just make a click sound
After I did and cut it off it want crank back up had starter replaced
Looks like anti freeze or is it defrosting
Trouble shooting code PO442 locating purge valve canister
first time it did this was today.
Alternating intermittent problems with shifter not releasing from Park and with ignition cylinder not turning all the way back. The wires seemed okay at the shifter but I need to know where the solenoid is located
I displace to crank sensor and cam sensor that's what AutoZone said
what would make my car start shifting hard, and cutting out, after the fuses under hood, were messed with?
i start the car, the alarm sounds for about 30 seconds and stops for about 10 seconds and starts up again.

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