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found an extra wire with no hook up on the end...where dose it go ????? BIG HOOK UP,, OR LITTLE.. THANKS
When I press the gas pedal all the way, car accelerates slowly until 4000rpm, then remains at that rpm, then no more accel. When I ease up on gas pedal, about halfway, car shifts up (eg 3 to 4) and starts accelerating again. Even when accelerating (gas pressed 1/3-2/3 of the way), power is very low. My friend has the exact same car and it accelerates like a beast compared to my car. The issue does NOT seem to be that the engine is revving but no power is getting to the wheels due to power being lost in the transmission. The engine itself is slow to increase rpm and stops increasing after 4000. Car has had poor mileage for more than a year. I recently changed the fuel filter. Car only had code p0131 for o2 sensor voltage low. I changed sensor and reset computer, now same code is back. O2 sensor code has been in car for more than a year, but I didn't replace sensor until recently. I recently changed spark plugs, and MAF sensor seemed clean and fine. 130000 miles. Automatic transmission.
driving a long and it just stop. no fuel or fire tryed everthing
I have a Pontiac Grand Am with the 3.4 V6 and I recently had to have it towed home because it was juddering violently and seemed quite low on power. Since then, a friend of mine who has worked on cars has checked the codes on it. It registered a "cylinder 5 misfire". We replaced the leads and plugs to no avail. We rented a tool and found that there was (apparently) no coolant in the engine block. That said, the fouled cylinder and at least one other were fouled with coolant. My friend, without having examined any further, thinks it could be a bad valve lifter. I have tentatively arranged to get it towed to a repair shop for further investigation. When presented with the facts I so far have, the guy at the shop thought it could be a bad cylinder coil. However, since I do not want to drive it in its current state, I would likely have to get it towed to the shop. I just wanted to see if any of you think it may be worth trying to fix or if it would be better to scrap it?
2004 Pontiac grand am key will not turn at all steering is not locked... I've tried jyst about everything to get it to release nothing has worked.. help
Ruff idle, changed plugs,still a miss on #4 and evaporated leak
I have brand new battery brand new alternator brand new fuel filter fuel pump were plenty of pressure now I've been doing some research and I'm led to believe it's crankshaft sensor and I have either under oil filter or under starter I may also have to replace the starter now cuz it seems my car is not turning over anymore and that is the only part have it replaced can you help any advice
I have checked the fuse & changed the bulb & still can't get my high beam to work on driver side
Unlocked trunk with key then went to go start the car and it won't turn but my steering wheel turns fully
I was drivng and the ABS and battery light came on and my car turned off. We jumped it and it started. A couple blocks the lights came on i arrived home and the car turned off again. Do you know the problem?

it stalls and shuts off after 50 mph and starts back up after waiting 10-15 mins
The vacuum on the purge valve sucks shut when it's hooked up. First it started to idle up and down after I had the converter removed because it was plugged. I since then replaced the exhaust and the motor and it started idling up and down again and I noticed the small u shaped vacuum was sucking shut, I unhooked the vacuum and it stopped reving. 2001 grand am 3.4
Car turn over but want fire..
One heater core line is colder than the other
I'm going to tear apart my 2004 Grand Am GT to replace the head gasket, and want to make sure I handle all recommended replacements/cleanings while I'm at it. I'm getting a full gasket replacement kit, and I'll be doing the plugs and wires. Thermostat and water pump are already very new. It has 190,000 miles on it and I have no repair records to confirm whether anything else has ever been done to it. Anything else recommended?
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