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Also shows codes 0300, 0303, but I know that means misfire 3rd cyl. Started a week ago, mild, now its pretty much like its chugging, and I worry about making it every time I drive it.

What Type size requirements and specifications

Type size requirements and specifications

"The ticking"...

I am having an issue with my headlights not working during the day. The day lights do come on once the car is put into drive, reverse and neutral, but not in park. During
the day the light switch will pretty much not work at all with the exception of the high beam "flash." The auto light switch, the manual lights, and the high beams are non
functional during the day. At night the lights do come on and the high beams are functional. I have to get my car inspected next week and don't have a lot of extra cash so I am desperate at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

spends 2 quarts of oil per month

clicks an barely will turn over battery is good the starter and altanator are good. it just died on me while driving an an hasnt started since. when i try startn it the locks pop on an off the cd player goes crazy like loading a cd. im stumped. trie jump starting it and its like it has less power to start then when try with key. any ideas? im stumped

it aint getn enough power to start

Car running like crap all of a sudden, loss of engine power, traction control and check engine light all have come on at once. Will run okay for a minute and then start missing, stalling and running like crap all of a sudden.

After oil change my car began making strange noise and leaking some kind of oil. I bought A Repair Oil Leak liquid to add to engine oil. Is the crankshaft the same as where you pour your engine oil into? That's where the bottle says to place it.

I have a 2005 pontiac G6 that had been leaking oil for some time and the burning oil smell would go into the cat if I have the AC on. and lately the car would start a rattling sound coming from the engine bay. It would only make the noise at idle or low speed below 20mph. However I can't pin point what it may be.

hood release handle under dash has play in it as if not tensioned...

there is a clicking under the dash turned it off and now it wont turn over just started doing it this evening

I have a 2007 g6 with 117xxx miles. I've had so many problems out of my car lately. The windshield wipers will not work and the windows won't roll down until the motor is warm, meaning If it's raining I have to start my car and wait for the motor to warm up before I can drive. In addition to that when these problems started, my AC/Heat went out, it will work maybe 2% of the time. I can't drive my car if it's cold because the windows fog up and I cant roll down the windows because the motor isn't warm. It's so frustrating and it's a death trap. How do I fix this? I've spoken to a lot of mechanics in my area and none of them seem to have the answer. I just want to have my car fixed.

when driving my car the doors will automatically unlock themselves and a few moments later the radio will shut off and come right back on. When it does the lights on the dash all come on like the car was just started. Then the gas light will come on like the car is low of fuel even if the tank is full. This happens numerous times while driving. No idea what's going on.

As my husband and I was going down the highway, someone had stopped in the middle of the road taking up both lanes. My husband had no other choice but to slam on our brakes. Immediately after slamming the brakes, our steering went hard. We went to the nearest wide spot, put it in park and got out of the car to see if we could see anything visibly wrong. We turned around and went back home. On our way home the steering was as hard as a rock, the car itself wasn't changing gears, all of the lights on the dash had went out. There is a lcd screen in our car that tells oil % etc. Everything on the dash was out, except for that screen. So once we get home he pulls into the driveway puts the car into park and as soon as it get's into park the car shuts off. After that, every time we would try to start the car it would make a clicking noise under the hood like most cars do when trying to start it and our locks would repeatedly go up and down until he would stop trying to start it. So we cleaned the terminals on the battery, didn't help anything. We took them off and let the battery sit for about 10 or 15 minutes, put them back on and the car tried to start, but didn't. My brother n law then tried to boost the car off and it wouldn't work. He put his own battery into the car and drove down the road, everything was fine. So we bought a new battery and new terminals, boom problem fixed. So we thought. Everything worked perfectly fine as if nothing had ever happened up until later in the night when my husband went to work. He had mentioned that he hit a pot whole and wasn't able to dodge it and after doing so, the car quit on him. He started it up and was able to park it like nothing was wrong, but after parking he was able to start it again. It's doing the exact same thing as it was before we bought the new battery. We've had people tell us to check wires, fuses, and now someone has said air flow sensor. Any of you that could give us a clue. Its quite a ways from a garage, it'd be wonderful if it was a simple fix. But I would just like to see if anyone has any thoughts on what this may be?

just came on no performance issue

The locknuts were rusty and one way and hard to get off. I ended up pulling out my grinder it was a nightmare. And despite the part stores insistance the bushings were right they weren't. (Thank you canadian tire)

Drove it 15 miles the noise is back without the vibration. Do I change the bushings next? And I know I have done them at the same time as the link!