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The shop manuals do not give any help on the replacement of the fuel filter. I recently obtained this car and would like to replace the fuel filter, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for your help.
It says FC Relay 1,2,and 3 Control Circuit. Does this mean I need to find 3 control circuit relays and replace them? The other system checks seem to be in the normal range, (well other than the tach on the dash appears to be reading about 300rpm high). The MIL seems to come on now and then, and stay on, until I park the car for a few days. Thanks for your help.
The car blew the radiator a few weeks ago, the mechanic replaced the radiator, water pump and thermostat. I had the car back for one day, had to take it back vibrates and engine light came on. They replaced all spark plugs and wires. I had the car back for one day, service engine light came on and vibrates at stops. Took the car back, why can't they figure out what the problem is? They do the diagnostic thing, come up with numbers but they can't come up with a solution.
we had it put on machine and code p1404 showed up please help us with what code is thanks
Has a new battery and new alternator and the catalyst and oxygen sensor heater monitors aren't ready
its a 5 spd and i changed the plugs checked the cat. its good . but it still bogs down real bad
After driving for a while it eventually starts to idle normal
While I driving the windows and radio quit working can't put the top up and now the power seat and the alarm system is going wacko. the seat will not go forward or back but the rest of the position work and you open the car door or the trunk and the stupid horn starts going off. This car has had more problems than Christine. No wonder they quit making the trans ams ..
after sitting a while the car starts up and i can drive until it happends again
its a little loose but it just wont come out all the way
could something be blocking the vents? are there fuses that should be checked? is there a motor that controls vents? no air comes out dash vents on any setting.
I have a WS6 with the LT1 engine, that has about 123,000 miles on it. After it warms up the oil pressure usually reads about 20#s. Is this normal? It seems low to me. Also, when idling, but not moving, the coolant temperature will rise to about 220 degrees before the electric fans start. Is this normal?
And shut right off. Does anybody know what it could be
I just changed rack and pinion assembly and the first couple days everything was perfect.. And just recently I've got a lot of play in steering wheel. Was told to tighten gearbox but not sure where it's located.
there are no visible leaks.
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