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I was driving the car for 3 weeks now.. I went to get in it yesterday and I had soon as I turned the key I lost all power.. But the voltage from the battery is reading 12.7 I need help correcting my problem... Thanks
when radio goes off the power widows don't work either.
someone took center console out and it started doing this
followed fuel lines and leak apears to be coming from top back of engine but cant tell exactly
While driving my car into a puddle of water whether it is raining or not, my car stops running. I have been fortunate to steer the car coasting out of the water. It takes between 15 and 30 minutes before the car will start again
My drivers side window just all of a sudden stopped working one day and every time I tried to use it, there would be this loud grinding sound and it wouldn't move at all. The passenger side moves very slowly and often times gets stuck. I don't know if I need new motors on both or what.

Thank you
Car sat for 7 years. already replaced coil,module,pickup,fuel pump and filter,cap and button, checked all fuses and fusable links,tps. shows good on the vantage with no flat spots or dropouts. I'm sure I'm missing something simple. ooh it will run if u pour gas on the filter until its gone.
put new battery and new starter but not even turning over.
Regarding my 97 Trans Am WS6, with the LT1 engine, the low coolant light on my dash seems to come on intermittently. I have checked, cleaned, and verified a good ground, checked and verified good connections, and I check the coolant level every time the car cools down. I add about a 1/4 to 1/2 quart of coolant every time to top off the radiator, and have bled the air with the bleed screws several times. The light stays off until the engine reaches normal operating temperature, the thermostat opens, and the light comes on. I have checked for leaks and found none visibly, no coolant in the passenger compartment, no white smoke, and the engine runs well. Where is the ccolant going? The oil does not appear contaminated, nor does the coolant. Does this sound like a faulty head gasket, or possibly a cracked block? Thank you.
can anyone show me picture/video where crankshaft position sensor location on PontiacFirebird 3.1L engine
I have a 1991 manual transmission Pontiac Firebird with 3.1L V6 MPI engine. My dad haven't use it in year so I decided to use it, I can get it to turn over but can't get it to start. I took out the old gas and put in new gas, I check the spark plugs, replace the battery then I try starting it but pink smoke started coming out from the computer and one of fuel injectors started smoking to so i replace both of them and it still won't start please help
After i installed an aftermarket radio, my speedometer gauges stopped working. The next day my front parking lights stopped working. i checked all the fuses/relays and all seems right.
When sitting at a stop sign or red light and the car is in gear, it has a bad vibration. You can shift into nuetral and it stops.....
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