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It made a noise it locked up I turned,it off back on it went,.into,hear but started jump n around then nothing in,all gears.
Service engine light on, sent car to 2 places that couldn't find the issue for a 304 code.3rd person/mechanic scanned the car and came up with 304 code and the words crankshaft sensor, The car runs good, no misfiring, everything is as it should be and is smooth. So we got a gm sensor and put it on , erased the codes and 14 miles later light back on in the car, re-scan and same error code and msg. I a sticker cannot be gotten because of the car light being on.
I've cleaned the IAC and the air intake what else could be causing the problem
I put new clutch pressure plate throw out bearing pilot bearing slave cylinder and master cylinder. I bench bled the system and put it all together and I have no pressure on pedal
I am low on gear oil and need to add gear oil
Repair, or replace. Whichever is cheaper.
I'll be asking a few more questions all about this car if you have the time, please help me and answer them, thank you
fuel injectors were leaking so i chaqnged them and fuel filter and added fuel treatment because car sat up for 3 months. car sometimes starts but runs badly and stalls
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