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CEL came on steady, then began flashing for short periods... while flashing car ran very rough and wouldn't accelerate well. Almost acted as though running out of gas. Then in 20 seconds or so would be smooth while light was steady.
When checked the diagnostic code was DTC misfire on cylinder 3.

car was running but rough tested coil and was bad replace replaced pole piece and module also ecm after testing with snap on scan tool mt 2500 and tested

car has rough idle not much power if on hill once at 40mph runs fine

it's located on the center console

start" What is that button for and what does it do?

i bought this car at an auction and i've started the car twice since i bought it a month acts like it's not getting fuel and i was told there was no pressure on the gas lines.what do i need to check befor i go into buying a fuel pump?

I have a 1996 Firebird with 3800 SeriesII, no add ons. I have an extreme chatter, almost a rattle/ticking under the left bank valve cover. I've tried the oil additives to avoid opening up the top end.No help. Any advise?

I recently bought a 96 Firebird with great engine but front end problems.
My local mechanic did not find anything unusual except a poorly maintained vehicle and recommended struts, which I had him install. A few days later I started the car, put it in reverse but rather than motion there was just a sickening hard metal clunk from the right front. Upon inspection, the strut was hanging there and the wheel was separated from the axel, the chasis was resting on the tire.

My firebird has a miss, but only in the lower rpm's.
Replaced plugs and wires still has the miss. That's why
I'm asking about a optispark.
Thinks for any help you can give me.

I already changed out the O2 sensor and tested the IAC sensor still need to know what else is possible to be able to check.

Why does the headlight pop back up? Is it the actuator or maybe a relay?

I just got the egr valve changed, also one of the ignition coils. Drove about 15 miles then it started to over heat and smoke really bad like it had no coolant in radiator, then I began to smell a burning smell like oil was burning from some where. Smoke was coming from around the throttle area and from near heads on each side of engine. WHAT IS GOING ON? HELP!!!!

I think the fuel pump is bad

THe security light has came on and wont turn off. I had the lights reset but it still came on.

i need to know where the oil filter coolant lines tie in to the system i thought it tied into the heater control valve
some where?

my engine has high idle than stumbles to low idle

the dealer put one in my car and it is still running rich and stalling and is loud. rpm gauge has also quit working. I was told years ago that after market parts are not compatable with this car because it has a 3.1 and they did not make very many of them. Is this true? Dealer is now guessing at problem and I know it is the distributor. I have been only owner of this car. I know my car. The people working on car a very young and now they keep guessing at things and my bill keeps getting higher. They replaced ekg valve and still no difference. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Ann

When i depress the clutch,a high pitch squeal issues from the motor dept.,and continues as i shift from 1st to 5th gear.The noise lessens as any gear is engaged,but squeals very loud as soon as i shift.What could be causing this? Thanks for any reply.

Used JB weld to fix the hairline fracture in manifold missed a part so it blew out but trying again today. Pretty sure its got a burnt valve. Looking either for a quick fix to keep or a way to get rid of it. Spent 15 on the car itself and got almost 5 in it now

I Own a 1988 Pontiac Firebird and somewhere under the fuel injection system i can hear a knocking sound. i don't know what it could be..

the alternator voltage drops from 14V. to 12V. It takes about 2 minutes for it to start charging again .I have a new alternator & a new battery.What can be causing this problem.

I noticed backfiring after easing off the gas.

I was told to relace the cam sensor and did that but the problem still persisted. This will only happen when the car gets hot, after is cools down the car will start up again.

convertible windows leak in the rain, and in the car wash.
How can I fix it.

No temporary solutions have worked.
Has occured once or twice before but now it seems permanent.
Have switched key ignition, along with the VATS module and matching key.

I am planning on buying a 1995 Pontiac FireBird Trans Am and was wondering if there is any way i could put in some more power?

when this happens no fuel to engine

For whatever reason both the power windows and the stereo quit working at the same time. Steps taken to try and resolve the issue:

Change stereo decks
change wiring harness for stereo
changed relay for power windows
disconnected stereo and windows continue to work at random times

Please help

This morning I start my car to warm it up...and left it run for ten minutes..when I come back my car was,t running...but all light were on and radio...was working...Is anibody know what could be wrong with my car?

the head lights are not working right.all the bolbs
are good.but when im running low beams one light is on ans the three others are verry low. and when im running high beams just the two left lights are on.