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i need to know if my distributor is cracked would it make my car misfire and blow black smoke and loose of power

the timing is right and the firng order is right a guy that worked on it said he thinks it has something to do with the distributer cap

Not sure about engine above questioned asked. The driver seat the lever that moves it back and forth under the seat is a rod that goes in diagnol two wholes Ive fixed it before awhile ago cant remember how. I'm now having troubles getting the rod back in. If I could see a picture or be insrtucted to fix it I would appreciate your assistance. Thank you

It has happened 2 times about 2 or 3 months apart

Tried replacement but those doors were just as bad

Came on yesterday now won't go off at all. Exhaust is loose on one side can this do it?

This car is gonna be the death of me.
Any suggestions on a cheap fix for this issue?
I am going to flush it tomorrow but I know this will only be a temp fix. This could cause serious issues if not taken care of asap.
I am assuming that my temp gage not working has contribbuted to this.
What is your true opinion on these 2001 firebirds?

I purchased the car used two years ago and I am just fixing what I can when I can.

It worked when I bought the car then quit. Replaced the ig coil and it worked for awhile but now only works when it wants to. Seems like when I turn on the a/c it will work and quit again a few days later.

when i drive for maybe 20 min then shut it off go to start back i get nothing but let set for 4 min start right up.

Just did a head gasket job all new wires and plugs.and replaced coil packs and new fuel filter and checked fuel pressure and all is good and to spec and cleaned the maf sensor..changed num 3 and num 2 sparkplug and now its reading misfire num 1..we need help with this one..we are stumped.

sometimes comes back on when i restart,

i would start the car in the morning, itd run fine. the second time id go out to start it however, id have to pump the gas pedal several times while turning the key in order for it to start. i was driving up a hill the other day and the car stalled out and quit. i havent been able to get it to start since. also believed i may have flooded the engine because i smelled a little gas with the oil. let sit for the last week and still wont start. it has new spark plugs and wires, a fresh tune-up, a new fuel filter as of 6 months ago, oil is good. no engine lights are on. what could be making this happen? ive been told the fuel pump? the car has 140xxx on it. any answers would be great!

it will let me shift and starts just fine, just wont move when i try and shift into all gears, it just revs up..


My car want keep up the speed limit you have to hold gas all the way to the floor to get it to go. It don't want to shift gears.

I've tried to jump my A & B connectors to get my car to flash it's diagnostic codes but that doesn't work on my 1994 Pontiac Firebird 3.4 V6. I've also read and have been told that the 1994 Firebird with the 12 pin ALDL isn't made to flash codes. I'm sure when GM made these cars they also made (or at least licensed) some way to retrieve the diagnostic codes. I REALLY want to find one of those original code readers but can't even start out looking until I know what they were called back then. I found a (new/in original box) Equus Model 3123 GM Code Reader and it says on the package that it only works on Firebirds up to 1993. Is it the GM Equus Code Reader 1.6..? Thanks

When Cold the car shift hard and warm up kinda smooth out what should i do?

fuel pump comes on for a few second at the turn of the key then wont start or come back am i puzzled im a cretified outboard mechanic, but gots me stumped. i checked the fuseable links to the starter and there good ,new relays and fel pump .some please help if you can lead me were to check next.much apreciated.

i'm look on what type of tool i need to do this job
and how or see how to do this

This is the first time this has happened.

Hello, From France.
I found a TYC replacement for my turn signal light driver side presented like the original model on my Pontiac Firebird 1993 Base.
However turn signal lights actually on my car are not identical. I have photo but it is not possible to join it here. They have a relief convex central part on all the length, of orange color, and I can see a reference on a part of the broken piece (but may be incomplete) : GM 1656923.
Can anybody help me and say me where I can find this product, please ? Thank you very much.
Best regards.

It also turns one click too far and wont start but I also have lights, radio, blinkers, wipers etc. but no gauges

My 1994 Firebird 3.4Ltr runs rough under load and my cruise doesn't work & the ABS is showing a light "ABS Not Operable". Before it started running rough the cruise control was working but I could only make it work after 20-30 minutes of driving. Sometimes it seemed to turn on all by itself making my car accelerate. Then about 4 days after doing an oil change last May (I also put in a quart of Lucas Oil Conditioner) it started running rough but only after the first trip of my day. I replaced my SP Wires and it seemed to be OK for a week or so, then put in Fuel Injector Cleaner. At a loss, I re-changed the oil/filter. Again..the symptom disappeared for about a week then reappeared. Recently I replaced the Spark Plugs and SP Wires (they were all badly carbon fouled). That didn't solve it so I replaced all three coil packs then the Ignition Coil Module. Last item replaced was the Fuel Filter. I know the Air Filter is OK. It still runs rough. Some weird aspects of this symptom are...1) if I drive my car without warming it up first, or during very humid/rainy days the symptom shows up almost immediately..usually while going up a hill. 2) The car isn't throwing any codes or showing a SES light. I tried to make it flash the codes to see if any were stored and it wouldn't flash any codes at all. Not even a 12 code. I've tried unplugging some of the ignition sensors while the car was running and it didn't seem to make any difference nor did it show or store any codes. I haven't used a OBD1 code reader on it but my manual says it should flash the codes when the A and B ports are jumped so that's the method I used. I haven't replaced the PCV valve since I bought the car and I've put on 35K miles. I don't know if the EGR has ever been checked or serviced. The car has 150K miles on it. When it's not running rough (first trip of the day) it seems to run very well. I never have any problems starting the car. After the symptoms appear the idle is rough but the RPMs seem to hold just fine. I'm starting to suspect a vacuum leak or a bad PCM but it seems like if the PCM was bad then the symptom would be constant. If anybody has any suggestions or has had a similar experience and solved it Please let me know. I'm running out of funds for this problem. Thanks, Robt.

The codes are P0151, P0131, P0137, and P0300. I find it unlikely that 3 o2 sensors would go out all at once. I am looking in to replacing all the plugs and wires to see if that fixes the problems. Is there anything else that would be recommended?

178,000 miles
no engine light
gauges were perfect
car just quit
power to everything else

10 and 30 min key relearn is not working. The "Security" light comes on when the key is turned to run and start but immediately goes out. It does not flash or stay on when the key is left in the run position. The car is seldom used and this has happened before. The 30 minute relearn worked the last time. Any suggestions?

I had my brakes serviced and replaced 3 months ago so unless I was scammed, it should be something else. The noises and the 'feel' of the grinding are getting more prominent. This started 3 days ago. There was/is no squealing. The car does not pull to the side. It feels like it's coming from the front mostly

go out,the windows and conv-top and aircondition stops working,I have to beat on the dashboard,and then it may come back on. whats wrong.I Brought a new radio,a new car battery,changed the fuse,and still have this problem. When the radio comes back on,then I'm able to roll up the window,closed the top on the car,and turn on the air condition. What could it be.

CEL came on steady, then began flashing for short periods... while flashing car ran very rough and wouldn't accelerate well. Almost acted as though running out of gas. Then in 20 seconds or so would be smooth while light was steady.
When checked the diagnostic code was DTC misfire on cylinder 3.