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They operate fine in back but not in front. As best as I can tell they do not light up or blink.
I did a full tune up on my 1991 Firebird Formula. plugs, wires, distributor, serpentine belt, fuel sensor. Now I have the check engine light comes on during normal driving when engine warms up and it loses power. Once I turn engine off and turn it back on it goes away as in reset mode then it happens all over again.
the top was going down at the time. I turned off the ignition and the smoke stopped. I restarted after a short time and returned to the garage with the top in mid travel.
Lost power while driving. Changed cam shaft sensor crank shaft sensor ignition module
Sometimes it stalls.Runs good on roadDoes not show any codes at all.Can someone help.Thank you.
I had the air conditioning unit professionally replaced the whole entire system ever since the engine will not properly Idol especially when the AC is on sometimes the throttle is real jerky the diagnostic system and check engine light says that there is a wiring issue I already clean the throttle body change the fuel filter did a full tune up and still did not fix the problem what should I do next?
When I took out the vss tranny fluid came out is that normal
Can i hotwire the fuel injectors or install a inline fuel pump.
Replaced plugs , plug wires and coil pack on light is still on Run good just idles a little rough What else can I try to fix the problem ?
What else can I try ?
when came out of store wouldn't start and coun=ldn't get it restarted for 10 hrs. now runs but is idling high also the radio has recently stopped working. has new battery
car has a miss off start.
My 02 pontiac trans am ws6 LS1 was damaged by fire a few years ago and I've paid the price trying to find books,manuals,and such trying to hookup all the hoses that completely burned away. I've spent nearly 5 grand in replacing everything and I'm asking everyone I can on how to route the lines and wires. If you can help I would truely appreciate it. Thank you so much for your consideration. Rick Brandon
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