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When I start my car it jumps to 3 rd gear and sound like it's driving and when I put it in D the car cuts off.
Firebird 1994 3.4 V6
Turns over but it wont start on
I have a '98 Firebird with T-tops. Whenever it rains i get a puddle in the hatch/trunk area, but not up front where the seats are. is this the t-tops leaking or the hatch seal? also my taillights have cracks in them and get water inside the lens as well.
I flushed the radiator and used bluedevil head gasket sealer. After turning off the engine there was a leak coming from or near my water pump, is it possible my water pump went during the flush and treatment process? If not what might be seen other diagnosis?
Light goes off if the car is turned off for a few hours or overnight.
does not knock at idle just when acellurated
With the rear lights turned on, vehicle off, I am reading a voltage of 20vdc. I expected it to be 12vdc. Now I am not sure.
no compression on any cyl the car ran fine before i had them redone its a 3.1 engine do you think the valve lash is the problem? they put all new valves in and did a check on them so thats why i hope its the valve lash problem what do you think
They operate fine in back but not in front. As best as I can tell they do not light up or blink.
I did a full tune up on my 1991 Firebird Formula. plugs, wires, distributor, serpentine belt, fuel sensor. Now I have the check engine light comes on during normal driving when engine warms up and it loses power. Once I turn engine off and turn it back on it goes away as in reset mode then it happens all over again.
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