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Rear end rides low and scrapes over bumps and driveways. New shocks but airbags not filling up. The compressor works. Tried with 300 lbs in trunk still nothing adjusted level control sensor and still low. Now what? How do I test the sensor to see if it is good?
once I slow down to make a turn, whats the problem
Does it idling driving slow in town on the freeway. Then occasionally when parking it tries to take off like I punched the gas. I've been told oxygen sensor does this sound right
will not crank most of the time...all dash lights work battery has good connection, new starter and theft security light on or flashing bad ignitions switch?
Im pretty sure I have a bad cv joint the car clicks when I first take off stop or turn corners
ir will take gas then it won't over and over again until I let it rest and then it's fine again. Could this b a cooling sensor or the fuel pump?? Please help
It runs just fine until u drive it for about an hr than with gas pedal pushed down it will take gas than it won't. Could this b the fuel pump
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