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It's like when it shifts the transmission catches up with car
I fixed the couilpacks and the Cadillac converter the car is still acting up it acts like it dont want to go it shakes really bad when i put in in reverse and in drive when i come to a complete stop it dont want to go. I think the boxs the coil packs sit on is the problem but im not sure
While trying to go uphill or pass it don't respond like it should and when Cruisng the speed limit it will stamer
car runs fine but when i press deeply on the gas peddle it chokes
I have a 2002 Pontiac Pontiac Bonneville SLE and it is the year and engine of the panic Mandeville that was recalled for the fuel issue and I was wondering if this car is also included on that recall as I am having the same issues as they described
Trying to fix air blowing on floor only. I have looked and do not see how to access the mode door actuator. To be honest I just want the air to blow out the cabin vents, so if I could just use a wrench or something to make that work I don't care about the other vents or actually replacing it, just making the vents in the cabin work. Thanks!
The amp gauge fluctuates from 9 amps to 14 amps and continues to go up and down without any regularity to it. Sometimes it happens constantly, and other times it's hours apart. I have replaced the alternator and battery both with brand new ones and it still made no difference. Two mechanics could not figure it out. What is the likely problem? Could it be bad batter connections or corrosion? Could it be a bad control module? It's getting very annoying, please help.
All the time
Cranks over like it wants to start but the more I hold the key the more the battery dies and it still won't start it started doing this 2 days ago I've had to hold the key longer to get it to start and now it still cranks but doesn't start just drains the battery more
Can the air compressor make the car not start?
Just changed axle and now the car doesn't move and grinds going in park
Car is not running hot at all idle is a little rough and sounds like I have like an air rumbling sound coming from my engine
one by one my power window's are failing. I replaced the driver side only. now the passenger window, which is not working keeps falling down as if nothing is holding it up and i would like to take the panel off to at least keep it up but i am concerned i wont be able to get it back on. any info is greatly needed.
My service engine light comes on and flashes rapidly, then the motor starts missing then motor quits , I put a diagnostic tester on it and it shows mutable sensor failure. did this ten times and it was never the same sensors showing up ,everything is random. I'm out of ideas .
problem as theres no sign of tranny problems. help, I need my car
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