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I have a 1998 bonneville, and i thought the two bolts that suport the column where lose but after looking at it it looks like the intermediate shaft joint is moving up and down . Can you give me any ideas where on line i can find how to replace it with illustrations??


charging system reves up and down, lighst go up and down, car starts ok, changed the alternator, and battery, did not fix the problem. Battery indecator guage stays in the low area, goes about half way up then back down then back up then back down, What else can I try to fix this ???

when car shifts from first to second gear, it jerks into gear.And also, if I accelerate too fast it slips.

I had my heater on high and when I went to turn the heater off, the "OFF" & "High/Low Blower Control" Settings did not work.
When I turned my engine off, the blower continued to blow on high.

I pulled out the fuses that mentioned anything about a/c under my steering wheel but it did not turn off the blower.

The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery.

What kind of repair am I look at here, Could this be a blower motor resistor issue?


i want to test ignition module.where is it located and how do i remove it.

car will not start.replaced coil pack,plug wires & spark from coil pack to #1&4 plugs.could this be a computer problem,or what else could it be.

I need a catalytic converter put on my car

estimated cost of dashboad from an accident in 2010

I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi with the supercharged V6 my fuel gage is not working correctelly. Everything I read about this problem points to the fuel level sensor the question is for the model year 2000 is there a difference between the fuel level sensor for the regular V6 and the supercherged V6 This is something I can replace myself but I need to know if their is a diffrence between the types of sensors. Any help would be great!

i replaced the cam sensor, the O2sensor and the maf sensor and the meter. when i put the wiring back into the maf it stalled out and acted like it was going to die. i unplugged it again and it ran great. is there another sensor that i need to check or should i leave it unplugged

After we replaced the fuel pump on the 99 bonneville. the car only starts when it wants to. What could be the casue of this problem.

rear dr side brake has been leaking fluid for quite some time and now my brakes are completely out

I just purchased the car and when I get out the car I smell like gas.When I turn on the car to see why the heat is not working I smell more gas. I dont think its safe for my children to be driving in the car.what can I do inorder for a mechcanic not to rob me.

It began with what I thought was a thermostat problem had it replaced. Heat was not consistent on cold days. On warm days heat came out fine. when I went to the mechanic he said there was no antifreeze, but we put it in two days ago. Antifreeze was not leaking on the ground and car would not start back up he checked it. I was told it was lower intake gaskets. Radiator was leaking into engine.The thermostat was replaced in Oct.2010 have not been able to operate car since early Dec. 2010. Should I have them replaced or get a rebuilt engine? Thank you for any responses.


The V6 runs fine at all speeds. Tranny shifts without issue. The strange thing is a light smoke rises from the engine block just as the engine warms up. Engine starts with its high idle then when warm idles down to its normal speed. Two things I've investgated. Investegated a minor leak in the brake reservoir dripping on the manifold (the car sometimes is low on brake fluid); or did I lose a seal in the engine block that I've heard is a common problem with the 93 V6. This is a car that I do not know its history. My expertise is the 46 to 53 Chevy Stovebolt six/Rochester single barrel with poured babbet bearings. At least the stovebolt you could work

when i bought the i had no interior light so i was thinking the fuse may be i put fuse in and they wound'nt turn off.

After my car warms up the anti lock light comes on. The manuel says to turn the car off but that only works temporarily. My brother in law says that I have the potential to have my front wheels fall off because of this. What do I need to do?

vehilce started up ok that morning later same day would only click,road service came out tried to jump it,same result,had towed home,suspected started although only 3 mo. old,replaced started ,still jsut clicks,friend who installed
starter suspects engine is not turning over,he pulled belt off,tried to turn crank, would not turn by hand or using pry bar, could the engine be locked up??how can it be unlocked ??

computer diagnostic code of P0740-- stated torque converter solenoid was stuck open. Can this be repaired.

Two winters ago, I noticed that my heater would quit working. Sometimes it would work when I started my car, but when I shut my car off and started it again, no heat. It didn't do it all all last year, but this winter it is starting again. Usually (but not always) when I first start my car in the morning, the heater will work, but when I stop at a store or the gas station, and start my car again, 95% of the time, my heater will not work again. Sometimes it will start back up after I have been driving a while. Sometimes when I have it on high, it sounds like the blower motor winds down, the picks back up again. My coolant level is fine and my car does not overheat when my heater is not working. No bumps seem to make it come on or go off. I am tired of freezing in my car in the winter. I took it to someone when it first started, but he couldn't find out what was wrong. I have taken it to several other places, but again no luck. Could someone please tell me what could be causing this and how to fix the problem. I really don't want to go through another winter with no heat.

I've put plugs,wires, new coil pack, fuel pump and filter, gas tank completely flushed, gas cap, Car went in for service, ran good and still does, until it goes up hill. drove car about a week, after service, check engine light came on, and the miss started.

Today when I turned the key in the ignition it didn't start. Once I had had a loose battery terminal but I double checked and the terminal was tight and the battery had a good charge. When i turned the key the lights worked but I didn't hear a click from the starter even. Then I couldn't get the key to come out. It would turn forward all the way and the dash lights and everything worked, but when I turned it back it wouldn't come back to the final spot and release the key. Someone said it might be that the chip in the key is bad and the anti theft thing went off, but shouldn't that reset itself after a little bit? I still can't get it to turn over and the key is still in there. How do I either get it to start so I can get it to the garage or get the key out so I can use a different one? Also, can anyone just confirm that the key/antitheft issue sounds like a good diagnosis? Thanks.

neither my front passenger door nor my back door power windows woork as well any my interior lights ?

I just bought a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville and have had several problems with it since purchasing it. The latest problems I'm having are an inaccurate fuel gage and tachometer. The fuel gauge is saying I have anywhere from a quarter of a tank to 3 quarters of a tank of gas (when I know I don't have any) and the tachometer readings are sometimes sagging well below zero. I am also currently having to live without AC/Heat (In 25-35 degree weather. Any Ideas?

My gas gauge does not work. It's difficult to tell how much gas I have. A individual told me that my fuel pump is going out and when your gas gauge does not work than that is a sign of a bad fuel pump. Also the fuel pump is loud periodically.

The A/C unit makes a noise like a door closing and will not allow heat to flow thru vents. How can we get arround this or fix it. Terry in Mich.

I was driving my car when it suddenly died. Now the engine will turn over but the car won't start. The check engine light did not come on. It has plenty of gas as I just filled the tank. It hasn't had any major problems until this. My wife needs her car to get back and forth to work. Any ideas?

Do I have to unbolt the tranny from the motor to get to the head gasket