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i need to remove the airbag and take the steering wheel off to replace the key switch

The problem I have is when I hit the accelerator hard, the car will launch like a rocket the die. It will blow out the fuel pump fuse every time. I need to find the short but can. I even let one of the dealers mechanics drive the car for a couple weeks and he couldn't find the problem either. I bought some wire loom and installed it over the wires coming out of the fuel tank and it's better. Sometimes it will not blow the fuse. The next problem that came up is when I put the wire loom over the wires to protect them, and now the fuel gauge works when it wants to. It reads 3/4 to full almost all the time even when it's almpost empty. Can anyone help me out? I don't want to have to buy stock in fuses to get some of my money back :(.

Why is water leaking under dash on passenger side?

started my vehicle and immediately after starting it stalled tried to start again and acts like its out of gas. the check gauges light comes on and when i have been low on fuel thats like the "low fuel" notification. need help

it just started gettin real hot why? I put new thramoasat iin and it's still getting hot

car still runs hot after new waterpump do i neen to check hoeses

Willl not start right away and has an "ether" smell. Thinking of fuel filter or catalytic converter?

where ie the the fuel filter located on a 92 pontiac bonneville sse

Climate control lights do not come on. Just started today.

When I accellerate to around 55-60 mph, I the car begins to shake..... I feel it in the steering wheel

i own a 2000 and im looking at a 1999 trans.

how does dash come apart to get radio out of 2002 pontiac bonneville?

How to manually check the codes for check engine light

The code P0102 keeps comeing up I checked the mass flow sensor and it is good also changed the vacum lines can you tell me you to make it stay out or fix the problem thanks.

how do you test or check the crankshaft position sensor and mass air flow sensor

how do you test or check the crankshaft position sensor and mass air flow sensor

Where is the best place to install a fuel pressure gage when trying to run down code P0300 problems?

after the car is driven with no problems. Once car is warmed up and driven for aobut 20 to minutes, then shut off. Problem comes back, starts stahls, chokes out no power stahls. once the car is left to sit for a while it will start and drive again.

I programmed a new key fob and it works, however, now my gauges, dash lights, stereo and air/heat do not work! Please help!

step-by-step instructions for removal of upper intake manifold cover for installation of spark plugs. What tools are needed and how to directions. Thanks for your help!

i have a 91 cad and a 93 bonneville manual that came straight from the factory that built them, in the index for the aldl for the cad it says section 6E3-9, there is no 6E3, FOR bonneville says 6E3-9 there is a 6E3 but it ends at 6E4, anybody know what the story is?

car will start when cold then stops. have replaced fuel pump

I am having a tapping noise when i crank my car up also when i press the gas the tapping noise is still there, now when i am in park it dont make that tapping noise, also my gas gauge and oil gauge are not working at all gas gauge stays on full and oil gauge stays on 140. Please any advice?

Have a 2002 bonnevile v6 3800 series11 moter and am trying to replace the air filter. Was able to release the 2 clips on the top but cannot get the compartment to open wider to replace the filter. What am I missing?

Heater blower only works on high.
All other settings blower does not work.
What are things I can check on.

no windows will go down. can't use remote to unlock. insides door locks don't work, radio light and clock want come on, radio does work, and heated mirror. it all started with windows would go down and may go up. replaced driver and also back pass window insides. he has checked fuses and batterys. also started to move on charging back and forth. i know of others are having the same problems. just need to know where to start check again. afraid air cond. will go and i will over heat. thank you..

I need a vacuume hose diagrame for 1994 pontiac bonneville 3.8L

Every time you go to crank the car up you got to pull the steering column down a bit to crank it and kill it. and also if your driving down the highway or down the road and you pull ont the steering column down a bit it kills the vehicle and you got to stop put it in park and try to recrank it. my email is

The driver side temperature control works on both heat & ac. The passesnger side on works on heat no matter what the temperature is set on.

I am told that along with Sturts that strut plates should also be replaced. Is that correct? Estimated cost with alignment - $1K. Is that too high?